Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charday's Tip Top Recount

On Tuesday Room 8, Room 7, teachers and helpers went to the Tip Top factory. First we went down stairs. We had a meeting about the trip to the Tip Top factory. When the bus arrived at T.P.S, we went in the bus.

When we got to the Tip Top factory we were all excited. We had morning tea. After that Room 8 met Paula. She was the lady who showed us the factory. We saw lots and lots of machines making ice-cream and cheesecake. I saw a machine called a 'Homogeniser'. It pushes the ice-cream to make it smoother. When we went through the clouds room it smelled like ice-cream. Next we went to the movie room and picked an ice-cream and watched a movie about the Tip Top factory.

After that we went back outside and had a photo taken. Then the bus came and we went back to school. I feel that I want to go back to the Tip Top factory again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pate's Procedure - How To Make Butter

What I need:
A shaker

What I do:

Step 1: Gently pour the cream in the shaker.

Step 2: Pour some salt into the shaker.

Step 3: Put the lid on top of the shaker tightly.

Step 4: Shake hard until the cream is thick and yellow.

Step 5: Spread it on your bread.

Step 6: Eat and enjoy.

Danisha's Procedure - How To Make Butter

Charday's Procedure - How to Make Butter

A whisk

A bowl
A Knife




Step 1: Get the bowl and the whisk

Step 2: Pour in the cream.

Step 3: Add the salt.

Step 4: Mix and mix until it is yellow and thick.

Step 5: Get a knife and spread the butter on your bread.

Step 6: Finally eat your yummy bread and butter.

Sam's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales

A long time ago in the freezing ocean a little fish was there.

Suddenly he was sobbing. He wished he had scales until...

a big kind shark felt sad for the little fish and gave all of his scales to the little fish.

That is why the fish has scales.

Mavis's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales

In the depths of the freezing sea, a very emotional fish was swimming. Suddenly, he heard was his enemy, Scale-Fish. He said "You don't have any beautiful scales that match with the colours of the sea." "Well, I am sad now because of what you said!" Fishy shouted.

Then he sped across the ocean to find Tangaroa.
Fishy asked politely, "Oh Tangaroa, do you have any special scales?" "No I don't, but I can tell Ranginui to make some rain which is very special." Fishy was excited. Then Tangaroa whispered, "You must not swim back to your reef, you must swim under a cloud and wait."

So Fishy swam quickly under a cloud and it began to rain. The rain drops were like shiny droplets of love. The rain fell on Fishy and Fishy shouted, "Oh what beautiful scales! Now I have scales on me!"

That is why the fish has scales.

Cypress's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales.

Long, long ago before humans were born, one fish had been swimming in the sea. He was swimming along when he saw Tangaroa waiting by.

Tangaroa had beautiful shimmering skin like a rainbow. The fish said to Tangaroa "Can I have some of your skin please?" Tangaroa said "NO!"

The fish was sad...he just wanted Tangaroa's beautiful skin.
He thought Tangaroa was a bad sea king. He was very silly.

Tangaroa felt sad for the fish, so he gave the fish some of his beautiful skin. Tangaroa was nervous. He said to the fish, "From now on, you will have skin called scales, and they're very special."

That is why the fish has scales.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

AN ENORMOUS ADVENTURE - A Narrative by Jayden

Happiness filled the room, when suddenly....a bang as loud as a stampede broke the solid wooden door. Purple burst into the terrified room. “I won an adventure to earth! This is marvellous!” He yelled excitedly.

Purple waited in the spaceship. He wondered where to go, “Africa or Madagascar?” He questioned. The spaceship stopped at the space station. Pinky Peculiar jogged into Purple's spaceship. “Hi Purple Petrified.” She said happily. Pinky and Purple chose to go to Africa. They waited on the ship as the ship took off...

Purple yawned, “That was a long journey."
“Yeah that was amazing!” Pinky muttered. They nervously stepped out of the ship. It was a beautiful and enormous land. They saw the Cheetahs, Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos. The temperature was cool and the land was wonderful. They waited quietly and patiently thinking of something to do.

“ROAR!!!” They screamed and ran away. They ran and turned their heads and froze stunned like they were paralysed. “Huh?” They whispered. “Haha! We were scared of a lion cub!” They laughed. Suddenly, a Lion jumped out of the bushes and it was the cub's dad. “ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!!!!!”
“AAAHH! lets get out of here!” They screamed and ran away from the hungry lion. Suddenly they heard the click of a trigger and a bang like a bomb. The Lion got shot and fell over. The Lion cub cuddled his father. Pinky and Purple felt sorry for the lions and picked them up. They shouted “Hunters, Hunters, hunters!”

They ran into a cave.  In the cave they saw Nurse Bear. “I will help you.”  She said in a brave voice. “It will take a few weeks for the Lion to recover from his wound."  
“Thank you, Thank You.” Pinky and Purple said with relief.  They acted like the Bear was a Queen.

A few weeks later... The Lion had healed and said gratefully, “Thank you aliens."

By Jayden (9 years old)

A Narrative by Cypress

Tamaki Primary School's Mid-Winter Movie...Beauty and the Beast 3D!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sau's Fishing Recount - The Fishing Day

On Thursday Room 8 went to the wharf.  It was the first time I'd been there.  I was amazed because I felt that I was going to get a fish, but I didn't.

Next I went to get more bait because the fish ate my bait.

Then I felt a fish on my hook, but when I pulled my fishing rod up my bait was gone. 

After that, I smelt my hands.  They smelt like toxic gas.  I said to myself "After this, I'm going to have a bath."  I HAD FUN!  I also saw lots of fishing rods and bait catchers.

Richmond's Fishing Recount - An Exciting Fishing Day!

The day we went fishing, I felt happy.  I thought I might catch a fish.  When we started to walk to the wharf I felt excited... but when I started to fish, I felt bored.  I waited and waited and I didn't catch a fish.  So I was sad.

After that, Mr Lintott ordered the people with no fishing rods to go away and let the fishermen have their time (people with no line or rods went away).

Then we were ordered to go into our classroom lines.  After that we came back to T.P.S.  I felt normal.  I felt pretty okay.

Sam's Fishing Recount - Fishing for Kaimoana

On Thursday the senior syndicate went fishing.  When the senior syndicate got to the Panmure wharf, they were excited to fish.  After that, we threw our fishing rods and bait catchers into the salty sea.  While I was waiting for fish to come by, I heard seagulls squawking around and eating our kaimoana.  After that, we walked back bored and sleepy to school.  On the way to school I was hungry and tired.  Finally we were at school.  I wish we could do that experience again.

Mehi's Fishing Recount - Senior Fishing Trip

On Thursday at 1:00PM we went fishing with the whole senior syndicate.  It was fun.  Charday and I got out our fishing supplies.  Next we got some bait and attached it onto our fishing hook.  After that, we dipped our fishing hooks into the sea salted water.  Then we waited for a long time.  I checked my fishing hook to see if my bait dropped off, but it didn't, so I dropped it back in.  Later on I saw a man in a kayak, kayaking past as we were laughing with joy.  I did not catch any fish so we had to pack up our fishing tools.  Finally we walked back to school.  I felt amazed.

Sione's Fishing Recount

Yesterday the whole senior syndicate marched to go fishing.  I felt surprised and amazed all the parents came to help us.  I saw the sea moving across the rocks and I saw a bridge that kept us safe.  When I could not find my fishing rod, Miss Hansell told me to share with Darwin.  Then me and Darwin were bored waiting.  We marched back to school and walked past Dunkirk.  I enjoyed going fishing.

Muatau's Fishing Recount - Going Fishing.

Before we went fishing, we had a little feast with delicious fish and chips.  We had a safety talk about hitting people with hooks because hooks are very sharp.  When I went to the wharf, I saw people panicking because their bait catchers sailed away.  I heard people moaning and I heard splashes.  I was so furious from fishing because I caught nothing and my bait catcher floated away.  Then I felt happy again by watching people fishing.  I smelt a disgusting smell from the bait.  It smelt like rotten socks.  I couldn't believe that I was going fishing for the first time.  I was blasted with excitement.  When we got back to school, I felt happy because that was the first time I went fishing.

Destiny's Fishing Recount - The Amazing Fish Trip!

Yesterday all the senior syndicate classes went fishing.  Once we got there the teachers said for our class to go up on the wharf.  Once we stepped on the wharf I smelt the rotten dry wood of the wharf.  It smelt like rotten fish.  Then I pulled out my fishing rod.  It was very fun, but a boy named Willy made a bait catcher and it was too short.  So I told him to use mine.  I heard the sea water's little waves crashing against the wood of the wharf and I saw very emotional faces.  I felt surprised when I pulled up my line and my bait was gone.  Then it was time to leave, so I packed up my things and put them in the box.  After that, we all walked back to school.  At least I HAD FUN!

Jayden's Fishing Day Recount

On the remaining Thursday...  I felt nervous.  The whole senior syndicate went to the Panmure wharf.

After a while we got to the wharf.  My class were the first to go.  We got our bait catchers out and fishing rods.  When we started fishing, my mum gave me some bait.  Everyone was loud but, we had fun.

Then I saw some bait catchers floating away.  Then some people moaning and groaning.  They were sad.  I saw heaps of cracked wood.  The waves were vibrating, the wind was blowing and the bait was filled with a very, very horrible stink.  The water was smacking the wood like a horrible fight.  It was an amazing sight on the wharf.  

Finally, we walked back and I was very joyful.  Our progress wasn't that good at lining up, but, we had a great day.

When we got back we went home from the great day of fishing.

Room 8's Fishing Day

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jayden persuades us to stop poaching kaimoana!

Would you start killing innocent fish and eating them? Well, my opinion is that we should not poach and eat too many fish.

Firstly, people have been thinking the moana is a magic fridge that never maxes out. Imagine, one day when someone opens that magic fridge - nothing will be in it!

Secondly, people have taken too much kaimoana and soon the kaimoana will be extinct. For instance some divers used to take too much toheroa, now you can't take them anymore because they've been given a chance to build up again. That will hopefully happen to the fish.

Finally, some people do not use their brains and stick extra food on buoys then take them at night - why would you? It's because people are greedy or just want more food.

My recommendation is that you should start catching poachers or are you one of them? Consequently, this is why people should not poach too many fish.

Darwin persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

I declare that we should not take lots of paua, crayfish, pipi, kina and fish! This is because the sea creatures will become extinct! I will give you two reasons why we should not take much seafood.

My first reason is that people are taking too much seafood and that could mean that they will be extinct. It is not fair to the other people that haven't seen seafood.

My second reason is that if we take too much seafood, we won't have any more seafood for everybody.

That is why I believe that we should not take lots of kaimoana from the sea.

Lyric persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

Long, long ago there were people who did not know the rules. They used to catch fish, pipi, paua and crayfish. The sea was like a fridge because whenever they took sea creatures, it was like they were taking things from a fridge. There is now far less kaimoana around our shores than there used to be. Some people are taking too much, too often. I believe that this poaching should stop once and for all.

My first reason is that if people dont listen, they are going to keep going on and on fishing for kaimoana so there will be no more kaimoana left. That means that they will not have babies. We know you like kaimoana but please, we beg you to stop poaching our kaimoana. How would you feel if you went fishing and there was nothing in the sea? You would be shocked if there was no more kaimoana, pipi, paua, crayfish and fish.

My second reason is that people are taking too much kaimoana but they're not just taking kaimoana, they're taking some of Tangaroa's children! Tangaroa is here to protect us but we're not showing respect to him.

I recommend that because people are taking too much kaimoana, we should have police surrounding all the beaches and oceans so we don't have people poaching kaimoana and so we can let Tangaroa's babies become grown ups.

Mehi persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

Why do you guys always poach kaimoana? We should not steal kaimoana.

My first reason is we won't have that much seafood because you are poaching too much seafood from the sea. This means there will not be enough left to grow.

My second reason is too many people often take too much kaimoana. I know you guys love kaimoana, but think! There will be no more if you continue to do this!

My third reason is they don't take the right size. This means they will not grow big like an adult. Therefore there won't be any babies. So that means there won't be any more kaimoana for us.

That's why we should not steal kaimoana. I recommend that we should have police detectives so that when they see people poaching, they can arrest them for stealing kaimoana. Do you agree?

Mavis persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

How would you feel if you went fishing and you fished up nothing? Wouldn't your family be starving? It's because poachers are poaching way too much kaimoana! I believe we should protect our kaimoana!

Firstly, some people try to be sneaky and take the undersized paua because they don't want to give it back to the ocean. This means there will be less of that species in the ocean.

Secondly some poachers take too much paua before they have time to grow and that means they don't grow to be adults and they don't have time to make more baby paua.

Finally you should not take too much kaimoana because they will become extinct.

So I think you should never ever take too much kaimoana.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lyric's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday we were enjoying our teacher read until there was a note saying come to the hall.  Then we sneaked to the hall like mice.  When we were by the hall we shrieked and shivered because the walls were rumbling.  When I got in there, there were heaps of drums on the floor.  We were drumming in unison.  Johnny was using body language and sign language.  He said that actions speak louder than words.

After that we started to groove and get the rhythm.  We were exhausted because we kept banging on the jungle drums.  "This is a brilliant day." I said when I was drumming.  It was like elephant steps.  Kids and teachers were enjoying it.  It was getting louder and louder and even louder.  Ms Gibson could hear it from the office.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jungle Drums

Check out these photos and recounts of the amazing afternoon we had at TPS learning to play the jungle drums!

Sau's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August, Room 8 had a surprise after lunch.  I said to Miss Wilson "Why are we lining up outside?"  I was confused and thought we were going to get in trouble from Ms Hansell.  Then when I walked inside it was full of jungle drums.  I felt enthusiastic.  Next when we were drumming it sounded like a stampede, or like a tornado coming.  I was shaking like a storm.  Also I was thinking that Johnny was doing sign language.  At the end he told Room 8 that actions speak louder than words.

Hineuwera's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday, Room 8 was lucky enough to go see some people named Johnny, Lucy and Chewie. 

They came to show us how to drum and I felt over the moon.

When I started to drum, it was so fantastic, and when Johnny said "Actions speak louder than words,"  he talked with his hands and feet.  

When we had to go back, my hands were so exhausted and it was so amazing to see them and play with the cool drums.

Jayden's Recount - Jungle Drums

On a past day - on August the 5th on a Thursday, we felt surprised.  We walked near the hall and I asked Miss Wilson "What are we doing at the hall?"  Miss Wilson said "I can't tell, it's a surprise."  We were excited.

Secondly, we were amazed from the beat, the walls were shaking and it was like a party!  I sat down near a drum, and I started banging it.  Johnny accentuated his actions, communicating with us.  

After that, it started banging, just like a stampede.  The beat was great.  The rhythm was loud.  I felt enthusiastic and I was hooked in like I he was reading me a persuasive letter using sign language.  Then they introduced themselves as Johnny, Lucy and Chewie.  The theme was "Actions speak louder than words."  

Finally, I was exhausted and I had a headache.  It was a really awesome day.

Darwin's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August I got confused when every class was walking to the hall.  

As we got closer to the hall I heard a rhythm that sounded like a stampede.

Then we took a step into the hall and suddenly... I felt amazed!  Everyone was drumming in unison!

Then I wanted to join in, but I thought the teachers might say we were restricted.  Then I asked my friend "Are we allowed to drum?"  "Yes!"  He replied.
Finally we gave eye contact.  After that Johnny represented his group and told us that actions are louder than words!

Muatau's Recount - Jungle Drums

When I took a step into the hall, I heard the loud beat coming towards my ear.  I was surprised by the rumbling walls.  I was shaking.  I was drumming as loud as I could.  I was drumming and drumming until my ears were full of noise.  I stared at Johnny's actions.

My feet were exhausted from the dancing.  I had no more energy to go on and my red burnt hands were very thin.  I had a fantastic day.

Sam's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August,  Room 8 walked to the hall.  I was confused.  Then I heard a rumbling rhythm like an earthquake.  When I walked inside I saw kids drumming in unison like marching soldiers.  After I joined them, my heart was pumping and I was hooked into the drumming.  Finally at the end Johnny, Lucy and Chewie told us "Actions speak louder than words."  When walking out to class our hands were stinging.  I wish I could do that again.

Mavis's Recount - Jungle Drums

Yesterday afternoon we marched silently to the hall.  As I walked up the stairs, I felt pumped up.  As soon as I heard the outstanding rhythm, I marched with enjoyment. 

I felt enthusiastic.  I heard piles of laughter coming from everyone.  It sounded like elephants stomping loudly and sounded like a stampede was going through the hall!

Johnny used so many signals we finally understood what he wanted done.  At the end I had stinging red hands.

I never wanted to stop drumming because it was so much fun!

Simon's Recount - Jungle Drums

When we were in lines ready to go to the hall, I was so sweaty that my heart was pumping. When I took my first step into the hall I was...surprised! When all the classes were in the hall I was so exhausted that my hands turned red and I needed a drink! I was pumped up to go play those loud drums. Them we were all stomping. I got a headache for one minute. Johnny was like an elephant and I thought my head was going to pop out! After that treat from Ms Hansell, all TPS kids went back home with pink cheeks and happy faces.

Sione's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August Room 8 tip toed to the hall. I felt happy and excited. I heard stomping like soldiers and giants. I saw thousands of drums at the hall. I saw actions and sign language. We took 25 minutes to listen. I was feeling energetic and energized and I heard stomping like a Pachycephalosaurus and a Velociraptor and I enjoyed it!

Richmond's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August after a week of rainy lunchtimes, we met in the hall. When I was waiting for the rest of Room 8 students, I heard loud noises sounding as loud as a group of elephants. I felt so excited and amazed.

Once I got inside I felt hooked in to the rhythm. There was rows and rows of drums. As I saw everybody playing the drums, I picked the perfect drum just for me. Chewie said "Actions are louder than words." Ms Hansell said that it was a surprise. After that I went out of the hall. My body was exhausted and my hands were pink and red.

Maopa's Recount - Jungle Drums

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was raining. No one was allowed to play outside for three days and it was badly boring! On Thursday after lunch we had to go to the hall. First we lined up outside and then went down to the hall. We saw a pile of drums lined up in a big row. We felt amazed and surprised. Then we all sat down in the hall. Then we saw TPS play the drums so we clicked our fingers. Next, all of TPS children sat down and followed along. Next, the noise went louder and louder and everyone got into the rhythm. Meanwhile we were standing up and doing some funny actions with Chewie. Then we sat down with laughter. Then we had to play the drums again. My hands were tired I couldn't play the drums again. Next, they introduced who they were - Johnny, Lucy and Chewie. Finally everyone went home.

Lavinia's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August I wondered "What was happening?" Suddenly, we all went to the hall like small mice. I heard lots of noise and I was feeling confused. When I opened the door there was happiness. I first sat down in a row with my two best friends and in front of me were the jungle drums. At first I didn't know what they were, then Johnny, Lucy and Chewie started playing the drums as well. Johnny was acting out actions so we could cooperate with him. Finally it was home-time and my hands were tired and my body was exhausted. Drumming was amazing and I wish that they come back and teach us how to play amazing music again.

Ma'asi's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday there were 3 drummers named Johnny, Lucy and Chewie. When I walked into the hall I felt excited, surprised and amazed. I was hooked in and I could feel my heart racing. There were big loud noises. The sounds were as loud as thunder. They were using body language and they gave us signals to instruct us. At the end of it, I was hot, tired and sweaty!

Mehi's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday afternoon we went inside our school hall. It was a secret but I found out it! We got to have jungle drums. When Room 8 and I got there, the walls were shaking and it was very noisy. Later I went inside and there was lots of drums in order. I sat down and there was a drum in front of me. I was drumming to the beat. It was FUN! Next minute Johnny did funny actions. I couldn't stop laughing! I felt exhausted. Johnny was shaking his bottom to Chewie and Lucy and we were laughing. Then Johnny represented his group and said "Actions speak louder than words."

Corryna's Recount - Jungle Drums

Yesterday afternoon after lunch, we went upstairs and Miss Wilson said we have to get in a line and go downstairs to the hall. When we were walking, I heard some noise. As soon as we got there, I heard a loud noise. I felt confused and excited but I didn't know what was happening. When we went inside the walls were shaking and the ground was rumbling. I even saw rows and rows of drums all the way to the front of the stage. When we were playing the drums, I saw lots of smiling faces and I saw kids laughing. When we were finished, I was exhausted and my hands turned red.

Cypress's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday at Teacher Read time, my friends and I had to go outside and line up. I was confused and my friends were too because I didn't know what was going on.

Then we lined up outside the hall. I was pumped up. I was nervous about what was happening. Then it was our turn to go in. I got a surprise! I saw drums and three people on stage. Then the other teacher told me to sit and play one of the drums. I was very happy.

After that I heard a stampede coming down and I got a headache. After that I was exhausted.

Apiseka's Recount - Jungle Drums

Yesterday there was a surprise at the hall. Room 8 was pounded with all the noise in the hall and everyone's hearts were racing. I was getting hot. My face was getting red and I was excited. Then the teacher opened the door and Room 8 started to get excited and just stormed into the hall to get a drum. I felt exhausted and I couldn't wait to get home to tell my mum.

Willy's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August 2010, the whole school gathered around to go to the hall. I felt confused that T.P.S should have a surprise through the 3 rainy days we had.

When I went inside, there was jungle drums and I followed the rhythm. Durning the drum solo, I got distracted by a noise coming from my drum (inside). Finally I felt exhausted from doing all my drumming. Do you know when there is going to be another drumming lesson?

Shantai's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday we were walking to the hall and when I walked inside, my heart was pumping. Just when I got inside I wanted to run to the biggest drum. I also felt confused because we never go into the hall on Thursdays. When I sat down by my drum, it sounded like two elephants stomping. When the whole school was in the hall, we got to play the drums. My hands were stinging. I also got tired. Finally we went home and had dinner.

Etuate's Recount - Jungle Drums

Yesterday there was a surprise for rooms 8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and room 1. We had the surprise because we had been stuck in the class for three wet days and we were getting a treat and that was the drums. They were like an earthquake drumming. I had to make eye contact with Chewie. I felt amazed and tired.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Melons reading group: Kamokamo Lanterns for Matariki

You will need:

  • Kamokamo
  • Dish-brush
  • Sharp knife
  • Rod of bamboo or something similar
  • Piece of strong string
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Adult helper
Because Kamokamo is a summer vegetable in Aotearoa, you will need to keep them in a cool and dry place until Matariki in the winter time.  
  1. First clean the fuzzy mold off with a dish brush.
  2. Cut holes like windows with a knife.  You may need your adult helper to help you with this part.
  3. Thirdly, leave it in the sun to dry out
  4. Tie the lantern onto a rod of bamboo using a long and strong piece of string.
  5. Put a tea light candle inside the kamokamo lantern and light it up!
This is like a Halloween lantern for Matariki.  
Are you aware that kamokamo is from the pumpkin family?

Jayden persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Do you think we should celebrate Matariki at school?  I think we should.

Firstly it is important to the Maori culture to have their own new year celebration, and we don't actually have that many celebrations to celebrate in New Zealand. 

Secondly it brings a fresh new start to the New Zealand culture.

Finally it will be great to celebrate all these things together because we will be able to get to know people better.

You can see from the evidence that we should celebrate Matariki at school.

From Jayden

Mehi persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Why should we have a Matariki celebration in our school?

My first reason is because it is a formal and traditional celebration.  Plus it is the Maori new year and I did not know that until Miss Hansell told me. 

My second reason is that it is an important celebration to the Maori culture.  It brings a fresh start to the NZ culture.

My third reason is it brings a time to learn about what happened in the past.  The people can realise their mistakes and make their future better.

This is why we should have a Matariki celebration in our school.

From Mehi

Friday, May 28, 2010

Darwin persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Do you think we should celebrate Matariki to celebrate the Maori people at Tamaki Primary School? I think we should, because it is a formal and traditional celebration for Maori.

My second reason is that it brings a fresh start for the New Zealand culture. It brings new growth and new light.

My third reason is that it is important to the Maori culture to have their own new year celebration.

I believe we should celebrate Matariki at Tamaki Primary School so we can make our Maori community happy.

From Darwin

Why We Should Celebrate Matariki - By Mavis

Dear Ms Hansell

Would your heart feel traditional if we celebrated Matariki?

The reason why I want to celebrate Matariki is because it is a formal and traditional celebration. This is good because we can learn about the history of Matariki.

My second resaon is that it is the Maori new year and it is important to the Maori culture to have their own new year celebration.

My third reason is that it brings a fresh start to the New Zealand culture. It brings new growth and new light.

I really think we should celebrate Matariki. Don't you?

From Mavis.

'The Big Smash' - A Narrative by Jayden and Muatau

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrybills at Risk - Information Report by Mavis and Jayden

As strange as it may seem the word 'wry' means bent, and the word 'bill' means beak. That is why this bird is know as the Wrybill (bent-beak). Some people may not know that wrybills are the only birds that have a beak that is bent to the right.

Did you know wrybills eat larvae and insect eggs found under stones? They use their bent beaks to find their food and dig it up.

Have you heard wrybills are endangered species? They only live in the south island of New Zealand. There are less than 5000 wrybills left.

As strange as it may seem, the wrybills' predators include ferrets, weasels and wild cats.

Wrybills at Risk - Information Report by Darwin and Sam

Did you know that the eggs laid by wrybills look like stones? If the eggs get too hot in the sun, they will cook.

Wrybills eat larvae found under stones. Did you know they find and eat insects using their beaks?

They live in the south island of New Zeal
and. They can be found in wide, strong river beds.

Wrybills have white, grey and black feathers. Wrybill eggs look like stones and become camoflaged in the riverbeds. When they hatch, wrybills look like fluffy chicks.

Are you aware wrybill beaks are bent to the right?

By Darwin and Sam

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Darwin's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show was 100% funny because their jokes were hilarious! I felt excited because I have never been to a comedy show before. My favourite comedian was Andrew, the host. He was my favourite comedian because he was funny. My favourite joke was when Andrew listed all the words he wasn't allowed to say. You should go to the comedy show because it's funny!

Sione's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show was 100% the funniest comedy show in Auckland city. My favourite part was the last comedian. He was a magician. I also liked the man that was talking about the Sky Tower. I felt astounded and excited. After that, I saw Mr Saili acting like a lion and he looked like a lion. Then I saw Apiseka on the stage saying funny jokes. There were two people standing behind the balloons. I had a great time.

Sau's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show was 100% funny and FIVE STAR. I think the Stand Up For Kids show is the best and funniest. I like the part when Jarred Fell came on. He made the water disappear from the cup. My favourite part was when Mr Saili pretended to be a lion and the comedian was a tamer. I felt amazed, over the moon and astounded. Three comedians were hilarious!

Sam's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show is awesome! You should go there with your kids. It is very funny. My favourite part is when Derek told us a story about bats and owls, and when Jarred tipped water into a cup and then tipped it on himself and no water came out! I was surprised! I think the Stand Up For Kids show was amazing and 100% funny.

Hineuwera's Stand Up for Kids Review

This brilliant show was amazing - and guess what? You get to relax and have a good time! So get up and come in! My favourite part of this amazing show was when a comedian named Jarred did his incredible magic!

Muatau's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show was so cool and so funny. I liked the part where Mr Saili pretended to be a lion. You should go to the Auckland Comedy Show because it is so funny and tricky!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sione Persuades us to try his Fresh Water!

This drink is only 90 cents.

It's got to make you thirsty!

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It's healthy and fresh.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Darwin's Mountain Water - Persuasive Writing

Buy your Mountain Water!

It's very satisfying, fresh, healthy and it's cold.

Mountain Water keeps you hydrated.

First you drink it, then you buy it!

If you think you need more - buy more today!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jayden's Persuasive Writing

Should we have a monkey in Room 8?

I believe we should bring a monkey to school. We could bring equipment to school like glass boxes with a key to lock them in, so they don't rip our clothes.

My second reason is when it's eating time or lunch, we can lock them in a cage so they can't eat our bananas. They can eat their own lunch.

My third reason is they can think our playground is a tree, they are friendly. My result is they can make friends. They make a little bit of friends in the zoo because they are lonely and little monkeys.

We all know that monkeys are harmless. Don't you think we should bring monkeys to school?

Darwin's Persuasive Writing

Should we have a monkey in Room 8?

Most people would agree that we should not have a monkey in Room 8 because it might break things.

Only a fool would think that they should have a classroom monkey. We all know that monkeys aren't sensible because they might cut our hair.

The truth is that monkeys are very difficult to stop from climbing things.

Here are two reasons why monkeys can't go to school...first, they might break things and my last reason is they might snatch your banana.

We can see from the evidence that we should not have a monkey in Room 8.