Thursday, December 6, 2012

Energy Movie - Group Three

Here is Group Three's movie creation tying in their learning about Energy.  Enjoy!

Energy Movie - Group Two

Here is Group Two's movie creation, tying in their learning about Energy!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Energy Movie - Group One

This term we have been studying Energy.  As part of our end of term product, we had to produce an information pamphlet to take home to our whanau and a group movie encouraging others to think about how they are using energy.  Here is Group One's finished movie product.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Room 8 At Taekwondo!

Room 8 have been learning Taekwondo for the last 7 weeks.  We had so much fun learning about this martial art from Korea.  Check out the action from our very last session!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tevita and Jayden persuade us to think about the way we use energy...

Do you hate having to pay a lot of money on your electricity bills? Well you’re in luck!

You should start saving energy now and reject your bills and make sure they go down. 

Unbelievably, you should start by using public transport, using a bike or you could just walk to school or work, this prevents the earths preposterous climate change. Cars produce greenhouse gasses that melt the ice in the Arctic that makes water overflow the earth.

Not only that, but also, this can save your money just as well as the animals in the Arctic. Surely you would agree that you would want to save your’s and the worlds life?

My final point is that you should start saving energy here are two more reasons how: turn off all electronics when no one is using it and take shorter showers. This will save money and our earth for our future generations.

That is why I think you should start saving energy. I recommend that you should make sure running taps and other never used appliances and electronics like your netbook are turned off when not in use.

Sam and Darwin persuade us to save energy...

Are you aware our world is getting hotter? Climate change and greenhouse gases are making our world warmer. It affects pacific countries and animal species. Therefore you can help by saving power, if you're not willing to save power keep reading.

Saving power is important because it can save animals that live in ice, giving them less ice to live on as the ice melts nevertheless polar bears,penguins will become extinct.

Secondly it could make create a high level of floods on pacific countries because of rising sea level affected by the ice melting. For example Tokelau are dealing with floods having less land to live on, if you watch the news you will see.Here is a link to read more climate change.

My final point is that if you don’t use power wisely one day you will be walking and riding bikes! This is because petrol is a non-renewable source and cars need petrol to work. Since there is a lot of people using cars getting to places petrol is a serious matter if you don’t like walking!

If you are in love with penguins you will never see them again if you don’t save power! This is why you should save power!

Faith and Alison persuade us to think about saving energy...

We can use as much energy as we want but do you notice how much of it we are wasting as every second goes by?

Everyday we all use energy in different types of ways we turn on lights, use cars, do washing etc, but by using all of this we could be looking at a future with no energy left. It will probably cause less damage to our world because at the moment all the greenhouse gases that we are creating like CO2 and methane gas is all getting trapped and is what's making our world more warmer. It is good to save energy because it can help you save more money on paying the power bill. It is also good because it might make you learn from your mistakes in the past and get it right in the future. Did you know that saving energy produces global warming?

Try to turn off the lights or anything else when you’re not using them and make sure that it isn’t on standby because it can still use up energy, block any upper or lower floors so the heat traps in and turn off running taps if you want to save energy. This prevents global warming.

CO2 comes from all that wasted energy that we use day by day which is what warms up the earth, and when the earth warms up and gases get trapped, ice melts and more mammals are becoming extinct. Mammals that live in the ice (Antarctica) will eventually have less ice to live on as the ice melts, and pacific islands will have less land too because of the rising sea levels. In the past our elders/ancestors used to walk to school, work or wherever they wanted to, they washed clothes by hand, played outside and didn’t use as much energy as we do now. Sometimes it makes me think and say why can’t we still do that today?Was it better in the past?Why do we have to use so much power?

So remember saving energy is a good thing which will help our future be sustainable. Remember that it is only YOU that can make that difference.  

By Faith and Alison

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Room 8 Begin Learning about Statistics

Room 8 are beginning their learning about Statistics.  We were introduced to the 'Data Detective' today and made our way quickly around the cycle.  We used google spreadsheets to collect, record and display data.  Check it out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival by Mavis

In term two we were learning how to make movies that influence our world. We learnt a lot about the movie making process

Room 8 also got the opportunity to ask some real movie makers about their experiences and get some tips to take our movies to the next level. Jayden created this presentation sharing movie magic tips. We celebrated our Movie Magic term with our very own Tamaki Primary Academy Awards.

Our class movie, 30 Things, will be played at The Manaiakalani Film Festival today. We wanted our movie to help children find fun activities to do after school. We chose this message because we wanted to help kids stay out of trouble.

We made our movie in a fun way so that kids our age can understand it. Most of the advertisements for staying out of trouble are aimed at teenagers or adults. We also wanted the kids to learn this message at a young age.

30 Things from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

TPS Whanau Garden Day!

We celebrated our Term 3 Topic:  Energy, The Balance of Life by having a Whanau Garden Day!  Check out this movie made by Jayden and Darwin about our amazing day.  Thank you to all whanau members who came to check out the learning of TPS kids!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Edward's Sci-Fi Mihi

Listen to Edward's mihi.  He also added some effects!

Caprice Presents her Mihi

Misimoa Presents his Mihi

Listen to Misimoa present his mihi.

Darwin's SHAKE OUT Animation!


Hineuwera's Mihi

Whaea Annette has been working with us this term.  She taught us how to present a mihi.  Here is Hineuwera presenting her mihi.  Kia Ora!

Jayden Helps us to Prepare for NZ SHAKE OUT

Jayden used his new skills in Scratch to animate this SHAKE OUT poster.  We love learning new and exciting netbook tools in Room 8!


Learn more about this project

Caprice Helps us Prepare!

Check out this poster Caprice made to help us prepare for the NZ SHAKE OUT DAY.

Mavis' Shake Out Poster Design

Check out Mavis' poster to advertise NZ SHAKE OUT DAY

Lydia's Poster Design - NZ SHAKE OUT

Here is Lydia's design for a poster to raise awareness of NZ's Shake Out Day.  Are you prepared?

Destiny's Poster Design - NZ SHAKE OUT!

Room 8 are getting ready for the New Zealand Shake Out.  Destiny designed this poster to help raise awareness.  Are you prepared?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salome Is Learning Sign Language!

Whaea Annette has been teaching Room 8 sign language. Here is Salome showing us how she can spell her name using the hand signals that Whaea Annette taught us!

Lydia Is Learning Sign Language!

Whaea Annette has been teaching Room 8 sign language.  Here is Lydia showing us how she can spell her name using the hand signals that Whaea Annette taught us!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Mysterious Worm - A Narrative by Darwin

Narrative Writing : The Mysterious Worm The misty night was normal and dark... as it seems. An apple soldier was terrified and lonely in the damp, rotting compost. All of a sudden something very fast and speedy ran through the soil. “What was that?!” Crack! “Whoever you are! I have a gun and I know how to use it!” The soldier shrieked. Fsshhhhh! The soldier’s legs were moving faster and faster every minute the creature moved. “Come out and fight like an apple!” He hooted with a serious face. It started to rain... “CLASH!!!!” Roared the thunder. “Arrghhhh!!!” Screamed the soldier.Apple juice was squirted everywhere. That was when the creature had eaten a feast.

The next day... The sunlight is beaming and shining brightly. ‘Hey apple.’ said Orange. Apple yawned. ‘ Hey Orange.’ Apple replied. ‘Sorry about your siblings and parents... you know how they died .. humans ... killed...’
‘ Orange please! What would I appreciate is to just not think about it!’ Orange stood there being quiet and peaceful for five minutes until then he heard a thumping noise. ‘Hey Apple.’ Apple didn’t reply. ‘APPLE!?!!?!’
“Can you hear something?”
 “What do you mean?”
“Can’t you hear it? The sound goes .. thump thump thump.”
 “Oh you mean that sound. Yeah, that’s the humans.”
 “Ohh... Quit touching me Apple.”
 ‘I’m not touching you.’ What Orange didn’t realize a human was touching him, not Apple. ‘HUMANS!! arghhh!!!’ Shouted Orange Orange acid oozed at the human’s hands. ‘Help me Apple!’ Sobbed Orange ‘Help me ?!! I can’t do anything! I’m an apple!’ Orange acid squirted on the human’s eyes and ran away with a “OWWW!! MY EYES ... BURN!”
 “Apple ... Uhhh... watch out for humans.”
 “ Bye Orange.” Said apple sadly. Two years went by and apple was nearly falling off his tree. Apple was wiggling every morning, every afternoon and even night time. He kept wiggling and wiggling until he fell off the tree. “ARRGHH!” Screeched Apple. Thump!!! “Hey, hey you!! Quit standing on me!!” Screamed a tomato. “Sorry its just... I fell off a tree.”
“Ahh!” Tomato was in shock. “You haven’t heard the legend? Have you?”
 “Uhm no.”
“When a fruit gets taken off his tree,humans put them in a pile of dump and they die!” “HOW?!”
“Nobody knows....” Thump thump thump thump. “Here comes the humans!!” Wailed Tomato. “Hahaha I’m sure glad I ain’t you!” The humans soft and smooth hands grabbed Apple and carried him and tossed him away to a compost dump. The area was like a basement full of food scraps. “Hello?” Apple mumbled. “Anyone .. uhh here?”
 “Heyyy Apple!!” Orange shouted.
 “Orange? Is that you?!”
 “Yea the creature has been eating me!”
 “What creature?” Apple was looking around. “The ...”
 “The what?” When Apple turned back to Orange, he was gone in a blink of a an eye! “Orange?” He moved forward. The room was squishy that he made a sound every time he moved. Apple found Oranges seeds and body. It was a sign Orange was dead. He fell asleep...

 FSHHH!!! Foshhh!! Crack!! Apple woke up! “Hello!” Vooshhh!!! “Hello!” Shouted a tiger worm. Apple had never seen anything like this. His mouth was stuck open and was speechless. “Don’t worry I won’t eat you. Lets be friends. Its night time, go to sleep.” He said happily but inside his head was evil ... pure evil! “Uhm how can I trust that you’re not going to eat me when im sleeping?”
 “Go to sleep! That’s how!” He laughed. “As my parents always say ... You never know unless you try!” Apple yawned. “You’re right.” His eyes were shutting down... down down down... Morning went by and apple was not ON earth anymore he was now PART OF the our soil..under your feet.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Darwin's Fraction Challenge

Room 8 are learning about fractions.  Can you work out what fraction of Darwin's shapes that he created on TuxPaint, are shaded?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photosynthesis Vocabulary

These are our key words to remember when we are learning and talking about Photosynthesis.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Room 8 are learning about Photosynthesis!

Check out our popplet mind map that gives some facts about Photosynthesis!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Room 8 Learn about Polyhedrons!

Did you know polyhedron is another name for 3D shape?  We made 3D shapes using toothpicks and jellybeans to learn about the Euler Formular (E = V + F - 2)

Mavis made a triangular prism.  

Richmond made a rectangular prism.

 Susana made a pyramid.

Joaquinn and Fabian made cubes!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jayden's Recount Writing

I sat in the damp and dusty passenger's seat, holding the delicate gift basket and watching my frustrated mother drive... Concentrated on the road she drove to a hospital. Groaning. I knew she hated the Parking meters. She tugged the ticket and drove on as the sign was forced to move like a slave. Hungry. Tired. Bored. Irritating feelings inside me as I looked to the top of the hospital. Fear. The worst feeling of all. We finally found a parking space and we walked to the hospital gate. The word ‘Ward 6’ was the only thing on my mother's mind. We took the elevator... ‘DING!’ The elevator door opened and I drove back to reality having a small nap and I followed my mum to the counter; looking at the nurse she said “Room 7, that’s where you’ll find her.” My mum simply nodded, and headed to Room 7.

 I saw two women, one of them was my nan, but which one? I looked up and one of the metal plates that read ‘Topia.’ My dads family surname. I walked up to my nan, noticing four women surrounding her. I mumbled “Hi, nan.” She started to cry happily.
“My Mokos!” Her loud but croaky voice made me worry about her. I hugged and kissed my nan on the cheek after my sister who I forgot was here. I sat next to my cousin and lay there. Sleepy. My nan asked how school is. My mum replied because she knew I was tired. My sister used a glove as a balloon. Suddenly my nan asks if I missed my brother. I whispered “yeah.” My nan started to introduce my cousin and her children. One was twelve, one was eight and the youngest was about two and a half to be exact. My nan told my mother about how my dad was brought out of intermediate at the age of twelve and I started to feel sorry for him... My nan then introduced us to her two sisters and her cousin, my other nans. I had never met them before, “Sis, you can stay with me when you get out of this place”
“No, no no. I want my mokos to stay with me. They can meet their brother Harlum again.” “Really?” I stopped. Paused. Thinking about meeting my brother again after three years. I noticed that my mum gave her the basket. Already, but how? “Excuse me but it’s time to leave.”
“Bye!” My sister was wide awake and walked out the door. I simply hugged and kissed my nan goodbye again and walked out the door, hoping I might see her and my brother again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Melons Reading Group Goals

Our Reading Goals for Term 3 are:

Make use of prior knowledge by using the things I already know, making connections and asking myself “What do I already know about this topic?”

Explore the author’s purpose and question intent by asking “Why did the author write this book?”

The Bananas Reading Group Goals for Term 3

Our Reading Goals for Term 3 are...

  • Make use of our prior knowledge.  This means asking "What do I already know about this topic?"
  • Respond using evidence from the text.  This means not guessing.  It means using information from the text.

Friday, July 13, 2012

TPS Academy Awards!

We celebrated the end of our Movie Magic term by having our very own Academy Awards.  Check out this movie made by Miss Aireen!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movie Making Process

This film shows the process that Room 8 followed when making their movies.  It was a term of hard but fun and entertaining work!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interviewing Movie Makers!

Room 8 got the opportunity to ask some real movie makers about their experiences and get some tips to take their movies to the next level. Here is some of the key questions from the interview!

Why is this movie so important to you?

This movie was important for me because it was a chance to get together with my cousins and do something together. I think they’re all talented and really want to give everyone the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Did it relate to your personal life?

The story is very personal to us. Our parents came from Tonga. So it’s about how fortunate we are to be here.

How did you get the movie done in 48 hours?

A lot of teamwork. Good planning. We had to plan as best as could. But like everything, you run into problems. Because we had a big team, everyone had their own talents, so everyone could help with solving problems.

Was there ever a time that you just wanted to give up?

There were two times. One at 4am in the morning, and again at 6pm. It was everything. It was so close to the deadline. We had an hour to go, and we needed to change some subtitles. While Ia was trying to edit one part, I came in and said “We need to change the subtitile.” Everyone was stressing saying “This much time to go! This much time to go!” At 6 o’clock, I had finished the editing, and I was really tired at that time.

Was the forty eight hours all worth it at the end?

Yes. It was a good experience. You learn what people are like under stress.

If you could give advice to people that only had 3 minutes to make a movie what advice would that be?

Keep it simple. Go as simple as you can. Know your story. Know what you’re going to do. Short. Straight to the point.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Room 8 Speeches

Room 8 have been studying Movie Magic.  Part of making movies, is speaking clearly.  We put this into practice by planning, crafting, practicing and presenting speeches.  The topics we chose, were topics that would influence the thinking of others.  We hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Aeshia Describes The Grand High Witch

Her nails are sharper than a tiger’s claws. She has wrinkly skin like my great grandmother Her hair is balder than a round bowling ball.

She sounds like an angry tiger about to catch its prey. She sounds like a posh rich lady. She sounds like a sleazy woman trying to get what she wants.

She moves like a sneaky snake. She moves slow without a step. She moves gracefully.

She says things like “ I want all these children in England to be removed!” Also things like “ GET THEM I SAY!” Plus “Dogs droppings.” She hates children.

Destiny Describes The Grand High Witch

As the Grand High Witch sneakingly slithered down the long dim dusty hall with her big black talons clinging to her hideous fat fingers as if they were dark black bats hanging from a tall brown brunch sleeping.She had an ugly saggy wrinkly face that had hundreds of moles and warts that had piled over each other like people shoving through a crowd screaming and fighting for their lives.

 Her voice had the sound of a big chested german man she had a squeak in that voice the sound of a mouse.Her voice was a commanding voice if she told you to do something you had better do it.

She had always repeated in here big german like voice “Listen you fat hideous vitches you need to understand the concept of vhat I am saying! You know vhat I am capable of!” and... “Those revolting little rats will all die!”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Room 8's Possible Speech Ideas

We are going to start writing speeches.  Here is our brainstorm of possible topics.  We used Lucidcharts to create this brainstorm.  Can you think of any more ideas?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dream Of The Century - By Mavis

One toasting hot day in the golden bay of Fiji, where the wonders of dreams come true and take a person on a peaceful journey, people would  start to sleep. These dreams were created in the mind of the poor people.,because that was all they could afford.
Lying lifelessly on the beach was an old man.This old man believed in the myth of dreams coming true, all he had dreamed of all those years was the power to fly.  His mind travelled to the peak of the highest cliff in Fiji. His short wrinkly legs had drifted across across the bumpy rocky cliff.
John  launched himself off the cliff and soared through the sky like a cannonball.  His parachute soon became a blanket for a branch of a ruffled tree,beneath the lowest cloud.  He screamed for help scanning the chocolate brown floor for anyone.  He panicked with fear at the thought that he would never escape. He screeched for help one last time,his hope sinking like the orange sun before his old eyes. His eyes slowly slipped closed with exhaustion.
John woke to a start hearing a crunching sound from the pitch, black forest floor.”Hello?”John called out desperately. “Anybody out there?”He repeated.
“Yes,it’s me Ridvan,but who are you?”She asked shivering “It’s John Smith. “ He replied. A shining torch beamed at the tree he was suspended on. “Ohh, you’re stuck in a tree. I never saw you there!” Ridvan laughed.
John Smith called out “Yes,I am. Now can you get me down or at least tell my wife Azamat.”  He looked down and saw Ridvan sprinting across the muddy floor, she shouted “I’m going to get your wife!”John’s eyes shimmered with hope one more time.
“John, it’s me, Azamat.I came with the fire department. They're going to extend a ladder for you to climb down,you got that?” She explained curiously, “Yup”cackled John.The firemen yanked the ladder off the top of the truck and the lengthened it until it reached the tip of Johns toes.  John unhooked the  parachute from the branch and slowly climbed down.  He held his arm open for Azamat to run and hug him. That is exactly what she did.
Ridvan stood there with tears trickling down her face at the sight of her neighbors safety.
John started to stir as water from the waves slithered up and down his legs.  John stood up and casually walked off the beach.

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Teacher in Room 8

Hi!  My name is Mr King!  You will see me around TPS.  I am the new teacher in Room 8.  I can't wait to meet you all!  Come to the blue wall at lunchtime on Monday and I'll meet you there!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Room 8 Learn About Analogue Clocks

Comparing Movies

We used to compare movies that entertain and movies that influence.  We used Manaiakalani Film Festival movies.

The Bananas Group Play

We loved watching the Bananas use expression!  Check out their play that they performed for Room 8 today.

Congratulations Mavis and Jayden!

Last term we studied Nga Toi o te Papa - The Art of our Place.  Room 8 entered into the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Board's art competition for the Glen Innes Music and Arts Centre.  We had two winners.  Watch this presentation of their awards!  We are so proud!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loni's Weekend Recount

In my weekend, I  went   to   spend my  weekend  at my  papa‘s   house.  I   played   with  my friends  and  I   met  new friends too.  We   played hide  and seek.  I   had  the  best   hiding   place!  I   hid in  the tree!   I   was  laughing  in    the    tree.   Maopa   gave  up!  I   jumped  down  from the tree  and  papa called us  for  dinner and  we had  KFC.  It was beautiful!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Room 8's Movie Ideas

We are studying Movie Magic.  We want to create movies that influence and inspire our audience.  Here is a brainstorm we created using to record our big messages.

Friday, May 4, 2012

C3 Church Party

The C3 Church put on a FREE party at TPS!  Check out the Youtube clip they made reporting on this wonderful day!  Thank you C3 Church!

Room 8 Charades

Loni's Recount Writing

At the weekend, I went to the beach with my mum and got an ice cream from the man for free! I went back home and I went for a shower because I got all the sand on my body! After my shower I went to my papa’s home. I felt happy because we went to the beach and I loved looking at all the crabs.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chasity Persuades Us!

Are you a fan of the king of pop - Michael Jackson?  Then if you are, here’s the right movie for you. Watch Tamaki College students doing thriller. It’s really cool.

I believe you should watch this movie because you can watch and sing along at the same time.

The second reason you should watch this movie is because once you turn it on. It makes you want to groove to the beat.

The third reason is that it has parts that you’ll love like the part when they dance like Michael Jackson on the real thriller (oops spoiler alert!)

So if you would like to watch this movie of Tamaki College doing thriller just go to

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tamaki College - Thriller - By Caprice

Do you like having the chills down your spine? Is the king of pop your idol?  If he is then I believe that you should watch this movie immediately!!!

I believe you should watch this freaky movie because you can watch and listen to music at the same time. Isn’t that cool? As well as that thing, did you know that the song ‘Thriller’ is known around the world? Isn’t that information amazing?

Secondly, if you like zombies and Michael Jackson. You won’t need an ipod, mp3 player, phone or a radio to listen to the song ‘Thriller’.

Another reason is because if you like acting as zombies with your friends or listening to scary zombie music then watch this freaky movie. It’s entertaining, and makes you want to get up and groove along with the movie actors.

This is why you should watch Thriller. If I have persuaded you to watch this movie you can find it at and get in the groove to move.

Move Your Body - Persuasive Writing by Destiny

Are you a wanna-be Beyonce fan? Do you want a feeling that a feather is tickling your back? Well you’ll definitely get it if you watch this movie! You’ll feel like dancing until you pass out.

 You should really watch this movie because it gets you in the groove to move and It makes you wanna tell everyone “Everybody, move your body!!!” “YEAH!!!”.

 The second reason is because this movie is so awesome that it makes you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

 The third reason is because this movie has the most beautiful scenes - you’ll love it. It has the most talented kids on earth in it.

 This movie was just meant for you it has everything it has Beyonce’s music and everything there's even some of her dance moves in the Movie.

 If you liked my persuasive writing then if I were you, I would definitely go to this website to watch this movie

Room 8 Enjoy Tennis!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It’s a Thriller! With Tamaki College - By Jayden

Is the king of pop your idol? You should watch this chilling reenactment of the original Thriller!

 I believe you should watch this movie because you can watch and listen to the song at the same time because its acting and it’s a song.

 Second, because people who like zombies and Michael Jackson don’t need an ipod and zombie games just listen to this!

 Another reason is because it has entertainment and dancing for fun and inspiration because of its brilliant zombie actors.

 This is why you should watch thriller, is the place to be right now, so click the link get watching!