Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sam's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show is awesome! You should go there with your kids. It is very funny. My favourite part is when Derek told us a story about bats and owls, and when Jarred tipped water into a cup and then tipped it on himself and no water came out! I was surprised! I think the Stand Up For Kids show was amazing and 100% funny.



Ms Hansell said...

HI Sam, What a full and informative review of the Stand Up For Kids show. I wish I was there. It sounded great. Thank You! Ms Hansell

Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

I agree Ms Hansell, Sam's review was very informative! Keep working on your 'Th' sounds when reading out loud Sam. I can't wait to post more of your writing on the Room 8 Blog!

:) Miss Hansell (Room 8)

Muatau Room 8 said...

Fantastic Sam. You're review was great!

From Muatau

Richmond Room 8 said...

That was very cool Sam.

By Richmond

Hineuwera Room 8 said...

Sam, your stand up for kids show review was great because you speak clearly.

From Hineuwera

sione said...

wow!Sam you have the greatest work
have i ever seen

Darwin Room 8 said...

Hey Sam,

I love the way you used expression in your video and used powerful words.

Well done Sam,

From Darwin

mavis and dad said...

well done sam i think i am at the comedy show already you did think about what will hook the reader.
i think you need 30 stars for your review you rote for the comedy show

siMON'S DAD said...

SAM give me a hi five man. I like it man. you are like DARWIN. go hard or go home. I'm joking.

Pate said...

Sam I really like your story.

Pate said...

Sam I really like your story.