Monday, August 9, 2010

Mavis persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

How would you feel if you went fishing and you fished up nothing? Wouldn't your family be starving? It's because poachers are poaching way too much kaimoana! I believe we should protect our kaimoana!

Firstly, some people try to be sneaky and take the undersized paua because they don't want to give it back to the ocean. This means there will be less of that species in the ocean.

Secondly some poachers take too much paua before they have time to grow and that means they don't grow to be adults and they don't have time to make more baby paua.

Finally you should not take too much kaimoana because they will become extinct.

So I think you should never ever take too much kaimoana.


Writer's Wall said...

I think it is terrible that some people try to be sneaky and take undersized paua. Your clearly written reasons will persuade others to think like you. Well done!

Mrs Anderson :)

ms Hansell said...

You have used some great words to support your argument - protect, species, extinct. I always LOVE reading your writing, Mavis. You really know how to "hook" in your audience.