Friday, September 23, 2016

Hasta Luego Term 3!

Today marks the last day for term 3!
We have had an amazing term, with lots of activities, sports and learning!
Have a look below at all of the exciting things we have done this term:

- We started the term with KiwiSport Badminton

- We studied the Olympics and had a Senior Syndicate Olympic day

- We had visitors teaching us all different types of safety. From Life Education Bus, Safety around Dogs,  Mt Wellington Firemen, Constable Taina for Keeping Ourselves Safe and water safety!

- We had three students at KIP camp for 4 weeks - who absolutely loved their time there!

- We had two amazing swim weeks where we saw students show huge progress in their swim skills


- We celebrated Tongan language week, Chinese language week, Cook Island language Week and Matariki.

- We had a Duffy Assembly where Myron Simpson came and spoke to us!

- We won the Kiwican challenge for the third term in a row and got a pizza lunch - Yum!

We have had an amazing term and have done lots of exciting learning. We are really looking forward to term 4! For now though, we are wishing everyone a safe, happy holiday.

Ka Kite!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Perenara @ Tamaki Primary School: Myron Simpson

Check our Perenara's blog post about our Duffy Assembly and Myron Simpson!

Perenara @ Tamaki Primary School: Myron Simpson: Hi today Myron Simpson came to our school to tell us about him and about the equipment that he uses when he is racing...

Lydia's blog post about our Duffy Assembly

Today we had a duffy assembly. In the duffy assembly we had a visitor and his name is Myron Simpson. Myron Simpson is a track cycler. He has won 2 medals a gold 1 and a silver 1. Today in the duffy assembly I learnt if you go over 40 kilometers when driving past a school zone you will have to pay $700. I also learnt that everything that a cycler wears is made out of carbon fibre. Another thing I learnt was about the word aerodynamic. Myron Simpson told us that the fastest he has ever went on his bike was 110 kilometers. Myron Simpson is a role model because he does things that people want to do.  He also inspires people that want to do what he does. I really enjoyed this duffy assembly because I got a certificate and a duffy book, I also got to wear Myron Simpsons sunglasses. 

Myron talking to us about his life

Myron showing us how light his bike is

Metui wearing his helmet and silver medal, Gary wearing his gold medal, Me wearing his sunglasses, Chicago wearing his suit.

Chicago on Myron's bike

Me getting my certificate 

All the caught being good people

Tevita, Soane, and Michael sharing their speeches for Fatai

Fatai getting his gift

Friday, September 16, 2016

Chinese Language Week

This week is Chinese Language week and to celebrate that we have been learning all about China and their culture.

On Tuesday in class we made Chinese dragons! Here is some of the students work:

Levi's work

Demetrius's Dragon

Edith's work

For reading and writing this week, we also had a focus on China. We did lots of reading about the Chinese culture and what life in China is like for school children. For writing we wrote letters to students in China and compared New Zealand and Chinese lifestyles.

Edith and Taonga's comparison

Mary-Jane's work

Lydia's inference work!

To finish off the week we had a shared lunch with Room 3! Students brought in lots of different Chinese food and we had a feast!

We hope you have enjoyed our work - let us know how you celebrated Chinese Language week!

Ni Hao :)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tongan Language Week Assembly

As mentioned in our previous post, this week has been Tongan Language Week! Today we had an amazing assembly to celebrate the culture and all those who are Tongan at our school.

We saw some incredible performances, from dancing to singing, to even sharing facts about Tonga!

Here are some photos and videos from the day.

Akanesi's Tongan Speech from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Tongan Group Performance from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think and how you celebrated Tongan Language Week!.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Levi @ Tamaki Primary School: Tongan tapa cloth

Levi @ Tamaki Primary School: Tongan tapa cloth

Tongan Language Week

This week is Tongan Language week and in Room 8 we have been making Tapa Cloths to celebrate it!

Traditionally in Tonga, Tapa cloths are made from tree bark and ink. We didn't have the time to chop trees and roll out bark so we got creative and used normal A4 paper with some tea!

We use tea to dye the paper a light brown colour and scrunched it up to give it some texture. 

Students researched Tongan Tapa cloth designs and got to work creating their patterns. 

Here are some photos from the process! 

Wiriana dyeing his paper!
Wiriana dabbing the tea-bag onto the paper
Our paper drying
Perenara drawing his design
Stephney looking up designs and creating her Tapa cloth
The finished product up on the wall!
We had lots of fun making these and it was great to see the finished product. Let us know what you think of our work.

Toki sio!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grace @ Tamaki Primary School: Play dough and ratio

Grace @ Tamaki Primary School: Play dough and ratio

Toma @ Tamaki Primary School: welcoming Ruapotaka

Toma @ Tamaki Primary School: welcoming Ruapotaka: Today in the morning we welcomed our guest from Ruapotaka I saw my teacher aide from last year her name is miss judy it was so exciting for ...