Monday, August 9, 2010

Mehi persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

Why do you guys always poach kaimoana? We should not steal kaimoana.

My first reason is we won't have that much seafood because you are poaching too much seafood from the sea. This means there will not be enough left to grow.

My second reason is too many people often take too much kaimoana. I know you guys love kaimoana, but think! There will be no more if you continue to do this!

My third reason is they don't take the right size. This means they will not grow big like an adult. Therefore there won't be any babies. So that means there won't be any more kaimoana for us.

That's why we should not steal kaimoana. I recommend that we should have police detectives so that when they see people poaching, they can arrest them for stealing kaimoana. Do you agree?


Writer's Wall said...

What a great idea to begin your persuasive writing with a question Mehi because it really made me think about why people poach our kaimoana! Well done!

Mrs Anderson :)

Ms Hansell said...

I liked the way you included the size of the kaimoana in your persuasive writing. You are so right about how we must leave kaimoana to grow big so it will last. Clever girl.