Monday, August 9, 2010

Lyric persuades us to protect our kaimoana!

Long, long ago there were people who did not know the rules. They used to catch fish, pipi, paua and crayfish. The sea was like a fridge because whenever they took sea creatures, it was like they were taking things from a fridge. There is now far less kaimoana around our shores than there used to be. Some people are taking too much, too often. I believe that this poaching should stop once and for all.

My first reason is that if people dont listen, they are going to keep going on and on fishing for kaimoana so there will be no more kaimoana left. That means that they will not have babies. We know you like kaimoana but please, we beg you to stop poaching our kaimoana. How would you feel if you went fishing and there was nothing in the sea? You would be shocked if there was no more kaimoana, pipi, paua, crayfish and fish.

My second reason is that people are taking too much kaimoana but they're not just taking kaimoana, they're taking some of Tangaroa's children! Tangaroa is here to protect us but we're not showing respect to him.

I recommend that because people are taking too much kaimoana, we should have police surrounding all the beaches and oceans so we don't have people poaching kaimoana and so we can let Tangaroa's babies become grown ups.


Writer's Wall said...

This is a wonderful piece of persuasive writing Lyric! Miss Hansell showed me your work this morning and I'm so happy it is now on your blog as lots more people an see how clever you are!

Mrs Anderson :)

Ms Hansell said...

You have captured some very real issues in this piece of writing Lyric. I especially liked the part where you said "we beg you to stop poaching our kaimoana." Great writing

Natasha Henry said...

I am very proud of you my son! :) Awesome work. Keep it up!

zarahemla said...

yous are right they are taking tangaroa's babies and thats not right good on you room 8