Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sau's Stand Up for Kids Review

The Stand Up For Kids show was 100% funny and FIVE STAR. I think the Stand Up For Kids show is the best and funniest. I like the part when Jarred Fell came on. He made the water disappear from the cup. My favourite part was when Mr Saili pretended to be a lion and the comedian was a tamer. I felt amazed, over the moon and astounded. Three comedians were hilarious!


Ms Hansell said...

Oh Sau - your review comment is FANTASTIC!! You made me laugh just reading it, because I really felt like I was there! Thank you! Ms Hansell

Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

I agree Ms Hansell, Sau did a great job with his review! Keep working on our 'TH' sounds Sau. Your writing just keeps getting better :)

Miss Hansell (Room 8)

Sione Room 8 said...

Sau, you were trying hard and I am going to give you five stars.

From Sione

Richmond Room 8 said...

Sau, you were fantastic more than anything!

From Richmond

Shantai Room 8 said...

Sau, your review was so fantastic and I liked the way you used five stars.

From Shantai

Mom. said...

Awesome Review son!!!! I enjoyed reading it and I can tell that you have enjoyed reading this book. Keep reading, because thats how you find more information.
Love you son, keep it up.

Mavis Room 8 said...

Hi Sau,

I love your review. How did you come up with these words? I think I am there already. Have a nice day and a hello to Miss Hansell :)

By Mavis

Sam Room 8 said...

Nice review Sau. I like how you used powerful words.

From Sam

Darwin Room 8 said...
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darwin said...

Hi Sau,

your review was fantastic.Plus i enjoyed reading your review. keep it up Sau ;)

from Darwin

darwin said...

well done Sau=],I like the way you use fantastic words.

from Darwin