Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lyric's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday we were enjoying our teacher read until there was a note saying come to the hall.  Then we sneaked to the hall like mice.  When we were by the hall we shrieked and shivered because the walls were rumbling.  When I got in there, there were heaps of drums on the floor.  We were drumming in unison.  Johnny was using body language and sign language.  He said that actions speak louder than words.

After that we started to groove and get the rhythm.  We were exhausted because we kept banging on the jungle drums.  "This is a brilliant day." I said when I was drumming.  It was like elephant steps.  Kids and teachers were enjoying it.  It was getting louder and louder and even louder.  Ms Gibson could hear it from the office.


Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

I loved your use of alliteration when you said "shrieked and shivered" Lyric - you are SUPER CLEVER!

From Miss Hansell

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Lyric. I have just been reading your recount on my iPad and it sounds like you had an amazing experience. Did you manage to drown out the building noise with your drumming? Mrs Burt

Ms Hansell said...

Your recount brought back clear memories of how wonderful the Rhythm Interactive experience was. You have used some clever vocabulary Lyric! I hope your parents can come on WEdnesday to see your clever blog

Muatau and Sione said...

Lyric that recount was great and exciting. We have been reading your recount and we enjoyed it!

Lyric said...

Yes I really drowned the room