Monday, September 20, 2010

Mavis's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales

In the depths of the freezing sea, a very emotional fish was swimming. Suddenly, he heard was his enemy, Scale-Fish. He said "You don't have any beautiful scales that match with the colours of the sea." "Well, I am sad now because of what you said!" Fishy shouted.

Then he sped across the ocean to find Tangaroa.
Fishy asked politely, "Oh Tangaroa, do you have any special scales?" "No I don't, but I can tell Ranginui to make some rain which is very special." Fishy was excited. Then Tangaroa whispered, "You must not swim back to your reef, you must swim under a cloud and wait."

So Fishy swam quickly under a cloud and it began to rain. The rain drops were like shiny droplets of love. The rain fell on Fishy and Fishy shouted, "Oh what beautiful scales! Now I have scales on me!"

That is why the fish has scales.


Mrs Kelly said...

I love your story, Mavis - very creative!Petite fille de bon travail!

destiny said...

amazing work Mavis

mavis said...

Thank you Mrs Kelly for your comment and what is that language you used at the bottom ?

Anonymous said...

I like your work you done Mavis, what is your next step going to be?
From Willy Ili.