Monday, September 20, 2010

Danisha's Procedure - How To Make Butter



Mrs Kelly said...

Well done, Danisha. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow!

muatau said...

nice speaking.what can be your next goal.was that butter yum? it sure is to me, i want to taset it again.

Anonymous said...

I Danisha

well done and i hope you know me and my name is tominika and i just want to say that I am at glenbrae school and i am in room 8 just like before. Love by tominika and my best friend name jezebella.

Love by glenbrae school.

tominika. bye.

malia said...

welldone danisha your instructions were easy and clear to read

rayne said...

weldone danisha i know im ur cousin what a great story about how to make butter

gabrielle jacobs said...

whata great story on how to make butter im off shortland street and my friend hunter and wendy and daniel and also ola vasa winston chris warner