Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charday's Tip Top Recount

On Tuesday Room 8, Room 7, teachers and helpers went to the Tip Top factory. First we went down stairs. We had a meeting about the trip to the Tip Top factory. When the bus arrived at T.P.S, we went in the bus.

When we got to the Tip Top factory we were all excited. We had morning tea. After that Room 8 met Paula. She was the lady who showed us the factory. We saw lots and lots of machines making ice-cream and cheesecake. I saw a machine called a 'Homogeniser'. It pushes the ice-cream to make it smoother. When we went through the clouds room it smelled like ice-cream. Next we went to the movie room and picked an ice-cream and watched a movie about the Tip Top factory.

After that we went back outside and had a photo taken. Then the bus came and we went back to school. I feel that I want to go back to the Tip Top factory again.