Friday, May 28, 2010

Darwin persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Do you think we should celebrate Matariki to celebrate the Maori people at Tamaki Primary School? I think we should, because it is a formal and traditional celebration for Maori.

My second reason is that it brings a fresh start for the New Zealand culture. It brings new growth and new light.

My third reason is that it is important to the Maori culture to have their own new year celebration.

I believe we should celebrate Matariki at Tamaki Primary School so we can make our Maori community happy.

From Darwin


mavis tufuga said...

Hey Darwin I love how you used that question. What does formal
mean.You have the most fabulous work i have ever seen on the blog.
I really like how you used powerful sentence.

By Mavis

Anonymous said...

Exellent Work


mavis said...

Darwin you are so under the spotlight. I really like how you said culture

sam said...

i like your wirting Darwin!!! keep it up!!!

mavis room 8 said...

WOW Darwin you are so under the spotlight Darwin I want to celebrate
Matariki. you are going to be an expert about celebrating Matariki.

mavis said...

wow Darwin you are amazing.
by Mavis