Monday, August 9, 2010

Jayden persuades us to stop poaching kaimoana!

Would you start killing innocent fish and eating them? Well, my opinion is that we should not poach and eat too many fish.

Firstly, people have been thinking the moana is a magic fridge that never maxes out. Imagine, one day when someone opens that magic fridge - nothing will be in it!

Secondly, people have taken too much kaimoana and soon the kaimoana will be extinct. For instance some divers used to take too much toheroa, now you can't take them anymore because they've been given a chance to build up again. That will hopefully happen to the fish.

Finally, some people do not use their brains and stick extra food on buoys then take them at night - why would you? It's because people are greedy or just want more food.

My recommendation is that you should start catching poachers or are you one of them? Consequently, this is why people should not poach too many fish.


Chardonnay. said...

Dear Jayden i like you have capital

letters and full stops. Also you have great work.

Writer's Wall said...

Another amazing piece of writing Jayden! I am totally persuaded and you really made me think about what is happening to our kaimoana.

Mrs Anderson :)

Ms Hansell said...

Jayden, you would make a fantastic MAF inspector. You have a great social conscience. The world need people like you very much.