Friday, February 19, 2010

Jayden's Persuasive Writing

Should we have a monkey in Room 8?

I believe we should bring a monkey to school. We could bring equipment to school like glass boxes with a key to lock them in, so they don't rip our clothes.

My second reason is when it's eating time or lunch, we can lock them in a cage so they can't eat our bananas. They can eat their own lunch.

My third reason is they can think our playground is a tree, they are friendly. My result is they can make friends. They make a little bit of friends in the zoo because they are lonely and little monkeys.

We all know that monkeys are harmless. Don't you think we should bring monkeys to school?


Tamaki Primary School said...

Well done, Jayden, you have put up a good argument for having a monkey at school. A monkey would have a good time wouldn't it? I wonder what a monkey would have for lunch?
From Mrs. Kelly

Anonymous said...

Well done Jayden - we are persuaded by your writing.

From Room 8 - TPS

Anonymous said...

awesome job or should i say i beileive you persuaded me do you think i should have a money at home but cool scencens staters you used how ae you going to persuade me next time but still
tel miss hansell she still has her beauty additude at 100 percent
from mavis

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW, Jayden,that was a fantastic argument I've ever seen
By Willy.

Anonymous said...

i truly enjoy all your writing kind, very interesting.
don't quit and also keep penning in all honesty , because it just worth to follow it.
excited to read a whole lot more of your current writing, have a pleasant day ;)

Shantai Room 8 said...

Jayden I like your persuasive writing about a monkey. It was so amazing.

From Shantai

Joanne said...

wow..Jayden you have persuated me to bring a monkey to school so the monkey will eat the banana. You know what? banana will make our teeth rotten.
By Lavinia