Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrybills at Risk - Information Report by Mavis and Jayden

As strange as it may seem the word 'wry' means bent, and the word 'bill' means beak. That is why this bird is know as the Wrybill (bent-beak). Some people may not know that wrybills are the only birds that have a beak that is bent to the right.

Did you know wrybills eat larvae and insect eggs found under stones? They use their bent beaks to find their food and dig it up.

Have you heard wrybills are endangered species? They only live in the south island of New Zealand. There are less than 5000 wrybills left.

As strange as it may seem, the wrybills' predators include ferrets, weasels and wild cats.


Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

WOW! Jayden and Mavis, you make a great team. I can tell you have understood all of the information from the journal article about wrybills! Because of your great note-taking, you were able to include lots of interesting information. What a great report!

From Miss Hansell (Room 8)

Mrs Kelly said...

Isn't nature amazing! I didn't know that there was a bird that had a bent beak! And I didn't know that they lived right here in New Zealand. Thank you, Mavis and Jayden I am now much more clever than I was before I read your report.

Anonymous said...

Hi whoa i never knew what wry meant till now i think your guys is writing is great keep up the good work

by Felicity and Crystal

sharon said...

WOW Jayden and Mavis you make a team so well even though your a boy and a girl. so hard work jayden and mavis

Writer's Wall said...

What a fantastic information report Jayden and Mavis- I love the hooks, they made me want to keep on reading. Well done and don't forget to ask Miss Hansell to email me a copy for our exemplar folder!

Mrs Anderson