Friday, August 6, 2010

Sione's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August Room 8 tip toed to the hall. I felt happy and excited. I heard stomping like soldiers and giants. I saw thousands of drums at the hall. I saw actions and sign language. We took 25 minutes to listen. I was feeling energetic and energized and I heard stomping like a Pachycephalosaurus and a Velociraptor and I enjoyed it!


Ms Hansell said...

Your vocabulary used, really describes the event well.I LOVE the way you used the names of the dinosaurs to describe the thunderous noise.

Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

Wow Sione!

I can tell that you are using your NEW dictionary because you have used such interesting words!

I wish I was there!

From Miss Hansell :)