Friday, August 17, 2012

The Mysterious Worm - A Narrative by Darwin

Narrative Writing : The Mysterious Worm The misty night was normal and dark... as it seems. An apple soldier was terrified and lonely in the damp, rotting compost. All of a sudden something very fast and speedy ran through the soil. “What was that?!” Crack! “Whoever you are! I have a gun and I know how to use it!” The soldier shrieked. Fsshhhhh! The soldier’s legs were moving faster and faster every minute the creature moved. “Come out and fight like an apple!” He hooted with a serious face. It started to rain... “CLASH!!!!” Roared the thunder. “Arrghhhh!!!” Screamed the soldier.Apple juice was squirted everywhere. That was when the creature had eaten a feast.

The next day... The sunlight is beaming and shining brightly. ‘Hey apple.’ said Orange. Apple yawned. ‘ Hey Orange.’ Apple replied. ‘Sorry about your siblings and parents... you know how they died .. humans ... killed...’
‘ Orange please! What would I appreciate is to just not think about it!’ Orange stood there being quiet and peaceful for five minutes until then he heard a thumping noise. ‘Hey Apple.’ Apple didn’t reply. ‘APPLE!?!!?!’
“Can you hear something?”
 “What do you mean?”
“Can’t you hear it? The sound goes .. thump thump thump.”
 “Oh you mean that sound. Yeah, that’s the humans.”
 “Ohh... Quit touching me Apple.”
 ‘I’m not touching you.’ What Orange didn’t realize a human was touching him, not Apple. ‘HUMANS!! arghhh!!!’ Shouted Orange Orange acid oozed at the human’s hands. ‘Help me Apple!’ Sobbed Orange ‘Help me ?!! I can’t do anything! I’m an apple!’ Orange acid squirted on the human’s eyes and ran away with a “OWWW!! MY EYES ... BURN!”
 “Apple ... Uhhh... watch out for humans.”
 “ Bye Orange.” Said apple sadly. Two years went by and apple was nearly falling off his tree. Apple was wiggling every morning, every afternoon and even night time. He kept wiggling and wiggling until he fell off the tree. “ARRGHH!” Screeched Apple. Thump!!! “Hey, hey you!! Quit standing on me!!” Screamed a tomato. “Sorry its just... I fell off a tree.”
“Ahh!” Tomato was in shock. “You haven’t heard the legend? Have you?”
 “Uhm no.”
“When a fruit gets taken off his tree,humans put them in a pile of dump and they die!” “HOW?!”
“Nobody knows....” Thump thump thump thump. “Here comes the humans!!” Wailed Tomato. “Hahaha I’m sure glad I ain’t you!” The humans soft and smooth hands grabbed Apple and carried him and tossed him away to a compost dump. The area was like a basement full of food scraps. “Hello?” Apple mumbled. “Anyone .. uhh here?”
 “Heyyy Apple!!” Orange shouted.
 “Orange? Is that you?!”
 “Yea the creature has been eating me!”
 “What creature?” Apple was looking around. “The ...”
 “The what?” When Apple turned back to Orange, he was gone in a blink of a an eye! “Orange?” He moved forward. The room was squishy that he made a sound every time he moved. Apple found Oranges seeds and body. It was a sign Orange was dead. He fell asleep...

 FSHHH!!! Foshhh!! Crack!! Apple woke up! “Hello!” Vooshhh!!! “Hello!” Shouted a tiger worm. Apple had never seen anything like this. His mouth was stuck open and was speechless. “Don’t worry I won’t eat you. Lets be friends. Its night time, go to sleep.” He said happily but inside his head was evil ... pure evil! “Uhm how can I trust that you’re not going to eat me when im sleeping?”
 “Go to sleep! That’s how!” He laughed. “As my parents always say ... You never know unless you try!” Apple yawned. “You’re right.” His eyes were shutting down... down down down... Morning went by and apple was not ON earth anymore he was now PART OF the our soil..under your feet.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Darwin's Fraction Challenge

Room 8 are learning about fractions.  Can you work out what fraction of Darwin's shapes that he created on TuxPaint, are shaded?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photosynthesis Vocabulary

These are our key words to remember when we are learning and talking about Photosynthesis.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Room 8 are learning about Photosynthesis!

Check out our popplet mind map that gives some facts about Photosynthesis!