Friday, August 20, 2010

Richmond's Fishing Recount - An Exciting Fishing Day!

The day we went fishing, I felt happy.  I thought I might catch a fish.  When we started to walk to the wharf I felt excited... but when I started to fish, I felt bored.  I waited and waited and I didn't catch a fish.  So I was sad.

After that, Mr Lintott ordered the people with no fishing rods to go away and let the fishermen have their time (people with no line or rods went away).

Then we were ordered to go into our classroom lines.  After that we came back to T.P.S.  I felt normal.  I felt pretty okay.


Mrs Kelly said...

Oh dear, Richmond, it doesn't sound like you had a very successful day! You express yourself well!

muatau said...

why did the bait catcher peoble didn't stay for a wile?

Ms Hansell said...

Hello Richmond. I know what you mean about waiting and waiting for a fish. That's the sort of fishing I do too. I am glad you felt pretty okay at the end of it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing fishing recount Richmond.
FF: putt more knowloge in.

Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing! I like that black fishing-rod.
By Willy.