Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mehi persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Why should we have a Matariki celebration in our school?

My first reason is because it is a formal and traditional celebration.  Plus it is the Maori new year and I did not know that until Miss Hansell told me. 

My second reason is that it is an important celebration to the Maori culture.  It brings a fresh start to the NZ culture.

My third reason is it brings a time to learn about what happened in the past.  The people can realise their mistakes and make their future better.

This is why we should have a Matariki celebration in our school.

From Mehi


mavis said...

WOW mehi love your work it is lovely

from Mavis

Ms Hansell said...

Hello Mehi, i loved your writing persuading me to celebrate Matariki. I am totally won over! You did a great job. Thank you

mavis said...

WOW Mehi you are so good at persuasive writing how did you know the easy way to do persuasive
writing.Ireally like how you said formal and your picture is so lovely it suites your writing.I think you would be an exspert at doing persuasive writing and I understand it propley and you exsplained it very well.Well done Mehi
you are so good at persuasive wriing Mehi

BY Mavis

mavis room 8 said...

WOW mehi you are so good at doing persuasive writing you have go it.I wish I was going to the place were they celebrate matariki.I really like the way how you said formal and traditional in your writing.I agree with celebrating matariki I think you are going to be an expert at doing persuasive writing

by Mavis

MAVIS said...