Friday, August 6, 2010

Simon's Recount - Jungle Drums

When we were in lines ready to go to the hall, I was so sweaty that my heart was pumping. When I took my first step into the hall I was...surprised! When all the classes were in the hall I was so exhausted that my hands turned red and I needed a drink! I was pumped up to go play those loud drums. Them we were all stomping. I got a headache for one minute. Johnny was like an elephant and I thought my head was going to pop out! After that treat from Ms Hansell, all TPS kids went back home with pink cheeks and happy faces.

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Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

Wow Simon - I was so hooked into your recount! I like the way you said "I was so sweaty that my heart was pumping." AND I am so impressed with your use of ellipsis! Great writing Simon :)

From Miss Hansell