Monday, August 29, 2016

Speed skills

Today in class for a maths warm up we did multiplication speed skills.

This week in Room 8 we are following the idea that we are always doing our "B.E.S.T." - which stands for Better Every Single Time!

When we tried the maths speed skills, it meant that we were optimistic and ok with getting questions wrong or not understanding - as long as we kept on trying to improve!

Here are some of the attempts from our class!
Miss Morrison had a try too :)

Miss Morrison's attempts!
Demetrius's attempts!
Leilani's attempts!
Here is the website we used, have a go yourself and see if you can improve your scores!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Black-Out Poetry

Friday Writing in Room 8!

Today we learnt about black-out poetry we have been given a page from a book to do this you will need a page from a book and a vivid and all you do is pick some words that you want and you cross out the other words then at the finish it would look like a sentence. Here are some pictures to show what it looks like at the end.
- From Soane

A huge thank you to Room 6 for letting us use your creative task!

Akanesi's work

Troy's work    
Faka'ata's work
Cerenity's work
Soane's work
Hamish's work
Amazing poetry Room 8!

Story Cubes

This week for Writing in Room 8 we were introduced to Story cubes!
Story cubes are where you roll 3 dice and they land showing three different images. The task is that you then have to use your imagination and create a story based on those three pictures.

We saw lots of really creative, unique ideas in the classroom. Here is Mary-Janes awesome work!

Images I used for this story - Tower, Flower and Key.

One day a man named Jake thought of building a very high building, a few years past and his building was finished, He called it the long line tower, The long line tower was one of the world's biggest building. One day Jake went to go ask a builder to build him a custom made door, the door took for weeks because jake wanted it to be the best door anybody had ever seen. After the door was made Jake went to get his key measurements, the man the was measuring gave him the measurements and Jake walked down to the key maker and gave the man his key measurements. 

A few days went by and Jake went back to the key maker and picked up his keys for the long line tower, Jake was so happy he could get his tower more upgrades and make his tower better, Jake was over joyed seeing his key, he put the key in the keyhole and opened up his tower, it had all the gib wood in it. About a 6 months later all the towers walls were painted and they looked amazing, a quarter of the tower was a hotel some was a restaurant, some of the tower was a arcade for kids and adults, Jake thought of making the back and front of the building a garden for crops and plants so Jake got a great gardener and the gardener made plan grass into a beautiful garden with crops and flowers, Jakes Long line tower was getting popular and popular. 

About 7 months later Jake's long line tower was one of the best towers in the world, Jakes gardener came back to plant some more flower and crops, a few days later Jake got told he was now able to see his garden the gardener took him outside, Jake was as bouncy as a kangaroo Jake looked around and then he saw a big bunch of purple hibiscus flowers, Jake loved them because they where big bright and beautiful, and his tower stayed there for a long time.

Great work Mary-Jane!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: Ratios

Lydia has been doing some excellent work on Ratios. Have a look at her blog to see her progress! Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: Ratios:                 Today for maths we did ratios. Here are some of mine that I did.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Perenara @ Tamaki Primary School: Year 5,6,7 and 8 school olympic's

Awesome recount of the Syndicate Olympics by Perenara!

Have a look - Perenara @ Tamaki Primary School: Year 5,6,7 and 8 school olympic's: Hi on Thursday all of the senior syndicate were doing there own little olympics and games the first thing that the seniors did is there own...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life education bus

Today in Room 8 we had our first visit to the Life Education Bus to meet Nicole and Harold.

We were learning about energy and where it comes from. The three main sources of energy are water, oxygen and FOOD!

We learnt all about the digestive system and the different parts of the body that make it up.
Afterwards we all made DLO's about some of the fun facts we learnt and what we did during our lesson.

Have a look at our work and leave a comment to let us know what facts about the digestive system you didn't know about.

Leilani's summary

Akih's Summary

Stephney's Summary

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Resilience at Kiwican!

This week at Kiwican we had our final session on Goal-setting and Resilience.

Thanks Edith for a great summary!
Michaels awesome summary

Thank you so much Ms Latoya and Mr M for another great Kiwican session!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Room 8 Olympics Quiz

Today class we had a OLYMPICS QUIZ we had to get in our Athletics houses it was FUN.

All teams were happy because we got lots of house points and it was tricky because we had hard questions to answer!  The HARDEST question was how many countries in the southern hemisphere have hosted the games. 


Here are some of the photos from today.

It was a great competition - where each house won points not only for correct answers, but also for showing teamwork, supporting one another and having great attitudes!

The final scores were:
before the answers were calculated were:
Alamein: 34
Tobruk: 30
Tripoli: 21
Benghazi: 30

Leaving Alamein as the winner! The house points will be added to the classroom board tomorrow but congratulations to all students for such an awesome effort!

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog

Here is the last Cybersmart video from our Cybersmart team and amazing facilitator Mrs Manuyag! Click the link and have a look at it!

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Blog: Here is the last of our CyberSmart movies, before we go back to re-film some of our old movies from this year. Our Movie Masters group wante...

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning


Mrs Manuyag and the Cybersmart team have made another amazing video!

Click the link to see it :)

Maryanne Manuyag : How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning: In Week 9, our aim was to show others how to use Google Drawing. A new student started in the class next door and we were keen to create...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Kiwisport Badminton

Today Room 8 had Badminton with the Kiwisport team!

It was a great session with Kevin where we learnt different ways of holding and gripping the racket. We learnt the forehand grip, the frying pan grip and a few others!

Here are some photos of Room 8 having a practice at hitting the shuttles.

Tevita having a rally with Kevin
Stephney hitting the shuttle.
Wiriana trying to catch the shuttle!
Tevita hitting the Shuttle in motion!
Room 8 listening to Kevin's explanation

We are already looking forward to next weeks session!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Amon @ Tamaki Primary School: Olympic Facts

Great work Amon!

Amon @ Tamaki Primary School: Olympic Facts: The Olympics in 2020 will be held in Tokyo,Japan The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro,Brazil The 2016 Olympics opening ...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How Do We Plan a Class Movie?

Amazing work Mrs Manuyag and Akanesi!

Maryanne Manuyag : How Do We Plan a Class Movie?: Akanesi and I were given the challenge yesterday of teaching a new class how to begin a movie. There was A LOT of discussion before we began...