Monday, September 20, 2010

Pate's Procedure - How To Make Butter

What I need:
A shaker

What I do:

Step 1: Gently pour the cream in the shaker.

Step 2: Pour some salt into the shaker.

Step 3: Put the lid on top of the shaker tightly.

Step 4: Shake hard until the cream is thick and yellow.

Step 5: Spread it on your bread.

Step 6: Eat and enjoy.

Danisha's Procedure - How To Make Butter

Charday's Procedure - How to Make Butter

A whisk

A bowl
A Knife




Step 1: Get the bowl and the whisk

Step 2: Pour in the cream.

Step 3: Add the salt.

Step 4: Mix and mix until it is yellow and thick.

Step 5: Get a knife and spread the butter on your bread.

Step 6: Finally eat your yummy bread and butter.

Sam's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales

A long time ago in the freezing ocean a little fish was there.

Suddenly he was sobbing. He wished he had scales until...

a big kind shark felt sad for the little fish and gave all of his scales to the little fish.

That is why the fish has scales.

Mavis's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales

In the depths of the freezing sea, a very emotional fish was swimming. Suddenly, he heard was his enemy, Scale-Fish. He said "You don't have any beautiful scales that match with the colours of the sea." "Well, I am sad now because of what you said!" Fishy shouted.

Then he sped across the ocean to find Tangaroa.
Fishy asked politely, "Oh Tangaroa, do you have any special scales?" "No I don't, but I can tell Ranginui to make some rain which is very special." Fishy was excited. Then Tangaroa whispered, "You must not swim back to your reef, you must swim under a cloud and wait."

So Fishy swam quickly under a cloud and it began to rain. The rain drops were like shiny droplets of love. The rain fell on Fishy and Fishy shouted, "Oh what beautiful scales! Now I have scales on me!"

That is why the fish has scales.

Cypress's Pourquoi Story - Why the Fish has Scales.

Long, long ago before humans were born, one fish had been swimming in the sea. He was swimming along when he saw Tangaroa waiting by.

Tangaroa had beautiful shimmering skin like a rainbow. The fish said to Tangaroa "Can I have some of your skin please?" Tangaroa said "NO!"

The fish was sad...he just wanted Tangaroa's beautiful skin.
He thought Tangaroa was a bad sea king. He was very silly.

Tangaroa felt sad for the fish, so he gave the fish some of his beautiful skin. Tangaroa was nervous. He said to the fish, "From now on, you will have skin called scales, and they're very special."

That is why the fish has scales.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

AN ENORMOUS ADVENTURE - A Narrative by Jayden

Happiness filled the room, when suddenly....a bang as loud as a stampede broke the solid wooden door. Purple burst into the terrified room. “I won an adventure to earth! This is marvellous!” He yelled excitedly.

Purple waited in the spaceship. He wondered where to go, “Africa or Madagascar?” He questioned. The spaceship stopped at the space station. Pinky Peculiar jogged into Purple's spaceship. “Hi Purple Petrified.” She said happily. Pinky and Purple chose to go to Africa. They waited on the ship as the ship took off...

Purple yawned, “That was a long journey."
“Yeah that was amazing!” Pinky muttered. They nervously stepped out of the ship. It was a beautiful and enormous land. They saw the Cheetahs, Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos. The temperature was cool and the land was wonderful. They waited quietly and patiently thinking of something to do.

“ROAR!!!” They screamed and ran away. They ran and turned their heads and froze stunned like they were paralysed. “Huh?” They whispered. “Haha! We were scared of a lion cub!” They laughed. Suddenly, a Lion jumped out of the bushes and it was the cub's dad. “ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!!!!!”
“AAAHH! lets get out of here!” They screamed and ran away from the hungry lion. Suddenly they heard the click of a trigger and a bang like a bomb. The Lion got shot and fell over. The Lion cub cuddled his father. Pinky and Purple felt sorry for the lions and picked them up. They shouted “Hunters, Hunters, hunters!”

They ran into a cave.  In the cave they saw Nurse Bear. “I will help you.”  She said in a brave voice. “It will take a few weeks for the Lion to recover from his wound."  
“Thank you, Thank You.” Pinky and Purple said with relief.  They acted like the Bear was a Queen.

A few weeks later... The Lion had healed and said gratefully, “Thank you aliens."

By Jayden (9 years old)

A Narrative by Cypress

Tamaki Primary School's Mid-Winter Movie...Beauty and the Beast 3D!