Friday, July 29, 2016

Nurse Visit

This term out Inquiry focus is...


We are very lucky as each week we will have a different visitor come to our class to talk to us about the many ways to be safe. 
This week we had the school nurse come and talk to us about how to be safe with our hygiene. 

It was really interesting and we made some great presentations to reflect on our work!

Here are some:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kiwican for Term 3!

Today at kiwi can we were focusing on resilience. Resilience means never give up. After we learnt about resilience we played up or down. To play up or down you will have to have a basket ball and four cones. Put the cones at each corners and the ball in the middle and we answered questions. It was lots of fun!
Written by Troy. 

Welcome back to term 3

Welcome back to Term Three!

Room 8 is really excited to be back for another great term. We have so much going on this term, with an inquiry focus of "Safety" and of course the 2016 Olympics!

Here is our artwork that we made of the Rio 2016 Olympic Logo - each student was given a square to copy and they had to try and guess what the whole image looked like. This is what it created!

We are really excited to have a great term 3!
Ka Kite