Friday, August 20, 2010

Mehi's Fishing Recount - Senior Fishing Trip

On Thursday at 1:00PM we went fishing with the whole senior syndicate.  It was fun.  Charday and I got out our fishing supplies.  Next we got some bait and attached it onto our fishing hook.  After that, we dipped our fishing hooks into the sea salted water.  Then we waited for a long time.  I checked my fishing hook to see if my bait dropped off, but it didn't, so I dropped it back in.  Later on I saw a man in a kayak, kayaking past as we were laughing with joy.  I did not catch any fish so we had to pack up our fishing tools.  Finally we walked back to school.  I felt amazed.


muatau said...

i bet you didn`t wait to long becaus you wiLL get bord.but do you stiLL Like that day?

Mrs Kelly said...

I love the words you have chosen to use in your story, Mehi.You have to be very patient when you are fishing.

Ms Hansell said...

You have used some wonderful words together Mehi. I especially like "sea-salted water" and also "laughing with joy". This is a great story for an audience!