Friday, November 27, 2009

Teresa-Mae's Thanksgiving Recount

Journey to America

One Autumn afternoon I scurried home fiercely. My mother and father had some good news. My mother said that we were moving to America, I was only allowed to take my blanket. I had to leave all my favorite things behind. I thought the news was rather bad.

First thing in the morning, we walked to the cargo ship. It’s name was Mayflower. The ship was so disgusting that I never let go of my mother and father’s hands. It was so scary being squashed with 101 people.

Autumn had swung by, the cold days of winter were introduced. I was feeling a bit gross having no privacy while using the chamber pot. Being between the decks was horrible. It smelt disgusting. We had to sail for 65 days. Did you know that we only got fresh air when we emptied the chamber pot. We had only got 2 meals a day and because I am a pilgrim, I prayed every day for this misery to end and for a life that was special and where we could have freedom and not be bossed around by a stupid king.

Life for the captain was easy. He didn’t have to eat the same porridge and water for 65 days.

As people were getting sick, it felt like they were dead already. When there was a storm all of the people were banged into walls. It felt like they were getting bitten by 1000 bugs. Even I felt that way.

Still sailing, and no sign of land. I was chosen to empty the chamber pot and as I walked out onto the open deck. The breath of fresh air was anointing. It felt like I was brought back to life. Then I was kicked back down into the hole of nightmares.

My mother and father survived the long winter days. Coming towards us was land. A boy called out “Land ahoy!”. A long line of brave pilgrims walked proudly off the ‘Mayflower’ like a swamp of ducks. My legs were wobbling like jelly and breaking down like an electrical power cut. First touch on land was so magnificent that I could smell freedom.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jayden's Poem about Fireworks

A snakes tail
A dragon's sneeze of sickness
Like a flare's sparkly end
They sparkle in the air
Like the sun's daughter
It smells like a fire place
Like magic

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teresa-Mae's Poem about Fireworks

A volcano explodes, splutters and giggles out a range of rainbow sparkles
Floating and tip-toeing across the land

Chasing me day after day

Lift me up

Spin me around

As I go around the sparkles surround me
Like a city of lights

My clothes are flooded with sparkles

It lights me up
Like a shooting star

Sake's Poem about Fireworks

Gun powder sizzles
The sound is like electric stars flying through the air

It looks like a roller-coaster
Flying over the school
With shooting stars

A magic ball of fire
Zooming in the sky
And the sun glitters