Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mavis tells us how to make butter!


Mrs Anderson said...

Well done Mavis! You spoke clearly and your instructions are easy to understand. I'm going to follow your instructions and make my own butter at home. I hope my butter sandwiches taste as yummy as the ones Room 8 made!

Mrs Kelly said...

Well done Mavis - I wonder how they made butter a long time ago when there were no electric beaters????

Ms Hansell said...

Mavis, you have used lovely pronunciation to make sure the viewer could understand your presentation on your procedure. You are such a great public speaker for our school on many occasions - Great work!

Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

I really liked the way you included extra details in your instructions like "You may want an adult to do this." That means that children can stay safe while making their own delicious butter.

Well done Mavis,
another great piece of writing.

:) From Miss Hansell (Room 8)

muatau said...

that was cool makeing butter.that butter was great and yummy and that was a great day,was it?

lyric said...

I really like how you showed us how to make butter.

from lyric