Friday, June 13, 2014

Jennifer, Chasity, Willy and Taylor Write a Song!

To help practice their spelling words this week, the 'Tamaki Quartet' wrote this song!  Willy was inspired by an ad he saw on T.V and through the power of Google Docs, these students collaborated to write this song.  They recorded it today.  Here is the final product!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Taylor, Willy and Chasity's Homework Task: How to be a good Room 8 Student

For homework, students had to write an explanation to explain how to be a 'good' student in Room 8. This was Chasity's explanation. We definitely have a lot of students like this in our class!

Hello there my fellow student,

Room 8. It has had a history of good students since 2009. As you are reading my explanation, you will, by the end of this explanation, know how to be a good student in Room 8. So, read on student, if you dare...

First of all, you will need to show you're interested into learning, being eager to learn. Not just saying "Yes" to everything, ignoring, making noises, nodding when you actually didn't pay attention at all, and so on. What does this mean you ask? Well, this means that the teachers have expectations for the students (or you, if you are the student), and since you show interest in learning, your report could be nicer than last years. Doing this, you could have a good reputation for your teachers.

Secondly, if you want to be a good student in Room 8, you would have to be able to self-control and self-manage. This means:  
  • Not getting others in trouble, and also, yourself in trouble
  • Doing your work and finishing it on time, but let's face it, some of us will get interrupted during the time.

Doing this, you will end up with many work time gone and free time here. This also means you could increase the amounts of blogposts you currently have.

My third and last point on how to be a good student in Room 8 is all about the new students. This means if a new student is in your class, well, put your hand up! It will go well, talking to them, having a chance to show them the school, the playground, the field, the wall, the hall, etc. Doing this, you will end up with a good friend, who you have known since their first day.

Since you have read my explanation, you are now able to store this knowledge in your mind, knowing on how to be a good student in Room 8. This includes:
  • Having an interest in your learning and being eager to learn.
  • Being able to self-manage and self-control.
  • Becoming the new student's friend by showing them the school, getting to know them, and many more.

Now, you should know what to do, go get'em tiger!