Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jayden persuades us to celebrate Matariki

Dear Ms Hansell,

Do you think we should celebrate Matariki at school?  I think we should.

Firstly it is important to the Maori culture to have their own new year celebration, and we don't actually have that many celebrations to celebrate in New Zealand. 

Secondly it brings a fresh new start to the New Zealand culture.

Finally it will be great to celebrate all these things together because we will be able to get to know people better.

You can see from the evidence that we should celebrate Matariki at school.

From Jayden


Anonymous said...

Great writing Jayden, keep it up

Rachelle McDonald (Jayden's mum) said...

Great writing JAYDEN from your MUM

Ms Hansell said...

Hi Jayden, I love the way you have provided "EVIDENCE" and summed up your persuasive writing at the end. Great persuading!

mavis said...

WOW Jayden you arr so in the spotlight of persuading people.I really liked how you said you can see from the evidince ...But you are the the star of persuasive writing.

BY Mavis

sharon said...

well done you have a good work that you have made i would celebrate sharon

lyric said...

well done, you really showed me what a persuasive arguement is well done

by lyric

Hayley said...

I live in Ireland this blog made me feel homesick because I wish I could celebrate Matariki with you! Great stuff!