Friday, August 20, 2010

Sam's Fishing Recount - Fishing for Kaimoana

On Thursday the senior syndicate went fishing.  When the senior syndicate got to the Panmure wharf, they were excited to fish.  After that, we threw our fishing rods and bait catchers into the salty sea.  While I was waiting for fish to come by, I heard seagulls squawking around and eating our kaimoana.  After that, we walked back bored and sleepy to school.  On the way to school I was hungry and tired.  Finally we were at school.  I wish we could do that experience again.


Mrs Kelly said...

You can't have eaten enough fish and chips, Sam! I love the words you chose to put in your story. I hope we go fishing again, too.

Ms Hansell said...

You have written about your day with lots of good describing words Sam - squawking; bored and sleepy; hungry and tired. I think your Mum looks like she was having a great time.