Friday, August 6, 2010

Darwin's Recount - Jungle Drums

On Thursday the 5th of August I got confused when every class was walking to the hall.  

As we got closer to the hall I heard a rhythm that sounded like a stampede.

Then we took a step into the hall and suddenly... I felt amazed!  Everyone was drumming in unison!

Then I wanted to join in, but I thought the teachers might say we were restricted.  Then I asked my friend "Are we allowed to drum?"  "Yes!"  He replied.
Finally we gave eye contact.  After that Johnny represented his group and told us that actions are louder than words!


Ms Hansell said...

What a great line you used when you said, "I thought the teachers would say we were restricted." This is a nice use of vocabulary Darwin - great to read.

Miss Hansell (Room 8) said...

Hi Darwin,

I like the way you used ellipsis to make me excited about what would happen next!

Keep using your BRAND NEW dictionary because I can tell you are learning lots of new words!

From Miss Hansell