Friday, August 20, 2010

Muatau's Fishing Recount - Going Fishing.

Before we went fishing, we had a little feast with delicious fish and chips.  We had a safety talk about hitting people with hooks because hooks are very sharp.  When I went to the wharf, I saw people panicking because their bait catchers sailed away.  I heard people moaning and I heard splashes.  I was so furious from fishing because I caught nothing and my bait catcher floated away.  Then I felt happy again by watching people fishing.  I smelt a disgusting smell from the bait.  It smelt like rotten socks.  I couldn't believe that I was going fishing for the first time.  I was blasted with excitement.  When we got back to school, I felt happy because that was the first time I went fishing.


Mrs Kelly said...

Well done, Muatau. The bait is smelly but usually the fish love it and will take the bait - but not on Thursday!

Ms Hansell said...

You have used excellent words to 'hook in your reader' Muatau. I liked the words "panicking; furious; disgusting; blasted with excitement'. You are a very clever writer Muatau