Thursday, August 27, 2009

Romeo's Cinquain Poem

Flying high
In the sky
Like listening to birds

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ofa's Helicopter Recount

Today was really interesting, because a HUGE helicopter landed on our huge, green, great, gorgeous grass! Suddenly, the helicopter door opened. We thought they were catching criminals! But, they were actually coming to the Tamaki kids. We all shouted “THANK GOODNESS!” Align CenterThen we rushed around the helicopter like little squeaky mice. We stood in a semi-circle around the helicopter. Then we asked some very strange questions. But it didn’t really matter, because they answered our strange questions anyway. I didn’t know that a helicopter door could wriggle! The name of the helicopter that landed on our school grass was ‘POLICE ONE’. When it flew back to base, the blades twisted around in a circle as fast as the fastest human in history. That was the first helicopter I had ever seen in real life. I will never forget it!

In My Magic Box

In my magic box

there is a lime and gold strawberry valley
with gumdrops that fall from the skies when it rains

The birds in my valley are aqua and violet
when my birds fly, they make a range of ice cream clouds
like soft marshmallows

When an aeroplane goes by
it flashes amazing colours like a disco ball
and lights up the sky

My dark red, black and orange vines are like fire
I cuddle up in my furry webs
I eat special mango leaves

When it is dawn, the egg cracks
and splashes the speedy sun out like flaming water
that rises through the blow-holes

The colours of my fish are baby blue
they dart through and they catch lightning scales
like a flashing rainbow

My valley in my magic box.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Teresa-Mae's Helicopter Recount

‘Eagle One’ was at Tamaki Primary today. I felt really spoilt to have them come to our school! They came on the 31st of July, 2009 – a Friday. They came to help us learn about TAKE OFF.

The helicopter was like wind smashing the ice. This helicopter was shaped like a fish. I felt amazed by how this helicopter moved and flew.

I was surprised to hear that the helicopter can go up to 1000ft! That’s even higher than a troll!

By Teresa-Mae, Room 8