Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loni's Weekend Recount

In my weekend, I  went   to   spend my  weekend  at my  papa‘s   house.  I   played   with  my friends  and  I   met  new friends too.  We   played hide  and seek.  I   had  the  best   hiding   place!  I   hid in  the tree!   I   was  laughing  in    the    tree.   Maopa   gave  up!  I   jumped  down  from the tree  and  papa called us  for  dinner and  we had  KFC.  It was beautiful!


RKELLY said...

Great writing, Loni. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Hiding in the tree was a good idea!

Star said...

Hi Loni, I think you wrote a good story, you had a good hiding spot. You can be a good writer one day.Good work.
From Starr.

ashton said...

HI Loni, I really enjoyed your weekend story. it was a really nice story to read I really liked the way that you put heaps of punctuation.

Lavinia said...

Hi loni, I like your story about your weekend you have a interesting story.I think you had a good hiding spot.