Friday, July 13, 2012

TPS Academy Awards!

We celebrated the end of our Movie Magic term by having our very own Academy Awards.  Check out this movie made by Miss Aireen!


Aeshia said...

I really liked it when we all walked down the red carpet.
That was a fantastic day.
I really liked how much pictures the teachers had gotten.

Richmond said...

Wow I liked the way everyone got to walk down the red carpet. I hope I get to do that again some time because it was very fun. Plus I had good luck and I was one of the people who won a award that day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tamaki...

That was an awesome academy awards. Everybody looked so fabulous in their clothes.Well done Tamaki. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

OMG look at all the beautiful people who just walked down the red carpet amazing dress and suits. ahaha me Meleana who wished she was there now Im a year 6 yay going to intermediate next year can't wait FROM Meleana

Alison said...

That brings back the old times from the academy awards.It looked like we had fun cause we did.I loved it how everyone was enjoying the academy awards and how they walked down the red carpet.Well done guys!

Alison :)