Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photosynthesis Vocabulary

These are our key words to remember when we are learning and talking about Photosynthesis.


mavis said...

Awesome. I never knew composting and photosynthesis involved so much words. Next time you could try to add 1 more word.But amazing work.
Keep it up

kilisitina said...

Wow that looks fun to do.
I wish i could do it but how can you teach me

Fa'amanu Room 4 said...

I like your photosynthesis words. We are also learning about photosynthesis and it is cool to see some of your key words because they are different from our key words. Thank you for helping us learn!

Hineuwera said...

This is so amazing. I have learnt so much words on Composting and Photosynthesis, I also enjoyed learning new words that I haven't learnt before. Keep up the good work.