Friday, June 15, 2012

Destiny Describes The Grand High Witch

As the Grand High Witch sneakingly slithered down the long dim dusty hall with her big black talons clinging to her hideous fat fingers as if they were dark black bats hanging from a tall brown brunch sleeping.She had an ugly saggy wrinkly face that had hundreds of moles and warts that had piled over each other like people shoving through a crowd screaming and fighting for their lives.

 Her voice had the sound of a big chested german man she had a squeak in that voice the sound of a mouse.Her voice was a commanding voice if she told you to do something you had better do it.

She had always repeated in here big german like voice “Listen you fat hideous vitches you need to understand the concept of vhat I am saying! You know vhat I am capable of!” and... “Those revolting little rats will all die!”

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chasity said...

Hi destiny I was just commenting on you grand high witch description because when I read i was really hooked into it and it was interesting to read to. Keep it up destiny.