Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kiwisport: Basketball!

This term at for Kiwisport we have had lessons on Basketball!
Once a week the coaches come in and teach us different Basketball skills and activities.
Here are some of the students reflections:

"We learned about BEEF.
Different SKILLS.

Through the following week, basketball sessions had been going on.We learned many things such as the stand of BEEF and different SKILLS. The stands of BEEF is Balance, Eyes, Elbow and Flick or follow through. It has been great working with Malek and Marko, learning different SKILLS and also teaching others.Basketball is what Room 8 loves going to. In todays session, we have learned to do drills and jumpstops.
Thankyou Malek and Marko for these basketball sessions and skills."

"Today we we were put into to three teams my team and another team started well the other team sat beside the court. We never won a game but we worked as a team I got a goal but we still lost. In my group were my friend and another boy and the sport that we were playing was basketball,I like playing basketball because you can play one on one or two on two.  "

Here is a short video of our Basketball lesson! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the lessons!

Kiwisport T4 Basketball from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

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Mojtaba @ Tamaki Primary said...

Hi room 8 I like how were working hard keep it up