Thursday, November 3, 2016

Emotional Poetry!

Yesterday in class we looked at writing emotional poetry. Students drew a random emotion out of a bag and had to try and write a poem on that emotion. We used cues such as 'What would that emotion look like?', 'What would that emotion sound like?' and 'What would that emotion feel like?'.

The students wrote some AMAZING poetry. Have a look below and see if you can guess what emotion they were each writing about!

Constances work - she is feeling e---------!
Edith's work - she is feeling e---------!
Aumau's work - He is feeling S----!
Lydia's work - she is feeling ov-------


Edith said...

Ola class, thank you Miss M for letting us do emotion poetry it was fun.I am guessing Lydia's one was overjoyed.

-Weirdo :p (Edith)

Lydia09 said...

Hi class, first I just like to thank you Miss M for putting my poem on here its exciting to see it on the class blog, I think Edith is feeling embarrassed.

Hevani said...

Hello, I really like this activity it was fun and I really liked constance work it was interesting and I think she did great work.