Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Manaiakalani Film festival

This year for the Manaiakalani Film Festival - Room 8 worked together to create a film about safe hygiene!

The process took a long time, from brainstorming to planning, to filming and then editing! The best part about the whole thing was that our clever Room 8 students did it all!

We started by brainstorming what topic we wanted to film on - since we had just finished studying "safety starts with me" - the students decided they wanted to teach others how to have safe hygiene.

As a class, we then all picked our roles. Some students were script writers, others were editors, actors, directors and Miss Morrison was the person behind the camera!

The script writers decided they wanted to make safe hygiene something that other school students would want to participate in - that is where the idea of the 'dab' came in.

Room 8 worked really hard to put this altogether and we are very proud of it. We hope you enjoy our film - leave us a comment with some feedback and let us know if you will dab when you sneeze!

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2016 Room 8 from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.


Lusia Pahulu said...

Hi My name is Lusia and I got to Saint Pius X school!
I really loved the way you guys did your work so quietly and how the boy who got the sneeze was acting! The part when the boy told him to go to his mum and ask to go to the doctors was a good idea if you're sick. You guys should do another movie about runny noses or coughing ideas.

Joshua said...

I really like the way how you all participated into this great and amazing movie you all created as a class. The one thing that amazed me is when you all joined in into the movie. Next time you could add a little bit of information on why you guys made this movie. By the way keep up the good work that you do in the classroom.

Jose @ Tamaki Primary said...

I Love Dab Edith Do You Love Dab

Saveu said...

Hi Room 8, I really like your movie. It was amazing how your friends gave you advice, it shows your friends really care about you. That's good that you guys know that sneezing can lead to giving other people germs. Maybe next time you guys should memorise your parts/lines. I am looking forward for next year.

L.J. said...

It was cool - Ngere
It was funny - Orlando
I think it was great because you explained how sneezing can effect others with germs . - LJ

Alone said...

I like the way that the movie we watched. Because it was funny to watch.And the kid was laughing.I saw my friends on the stag at the movie at the movie it was fun and the movie i saw tamaki on the stag. because they were doing manaiakalani show.

viliami said...

Keep working!

mathew said...

so rember when you seenz you all way got to dam that is a nice cath frase guys kepp it up !!!

Ofa said...

Malo lelei room your guys movie about sneezing and then dabbing is really suburb and incredible. This movie was really fun and hooked me to watch more of you guys other movies. I enjoyed the part when Toma made that funny face and the end part when everybody did the dab. You guys also have good actors. How hard was it to a? Well done on your video!

Hub 8 Stonefields School said...

Great script writing skills, who were the script writers? You act amazingly too.
From Hub 8 at Stonefields School.

Monita@TamakiPrimary said...
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Huriata said...

This was an awesome movie. I like most of the movies that room 8 displays because they are very funny and they have meaning in it - which is something that catches people's attention and drives them to want to watch more from you. Keep it up! I'm excited to see what you do next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rm 8 that was the greatest movie
I hope other schools like it as well
My class is also making a movie it is about The Best School Ever
Have fun making multiple movies
By Chris from Panmure Bridge School

Alayah said...

Hi Rm 8.I like your movie.keep up the good work.We done a movie it was about the best school ever.Cool work.

By alayah

Angelica Fakahau said...

Hi Room 8 , I like the way how you guys were displaying such an awesome video.I really like the way how you supported the person who was sneezing and saying when you sneeze you better dab....Keep Up the good work!!.