Thursday, November 10, 2016

FLiP from PwC

For the past two weeks, the year 5 & 6 students of Tamaki Primary school have been lucky to take part in a Financial Literacy programme run by PwC.

Room 8 had the awesome coaches Caroline and Laura come and teach us for 4 modules. 

In our first session we covered 'saving money' and 'being trustworthy'. We looked at how to save, why we should save and how we can be trustworthy with our money and other peoples. We also discussed who we should trust with our belongings and money. 

Leilani's summary from session 1

Today we had visitors named Laura and Caroline come to our classroom and talk to us about how to we can save money and how to be trustworthy with money. I have learnt that people need to spend money wisely and don't get expensive things if you can't afford it. I also learnt if you can save money you should hide your money somewhere so that people to take it. To be trustworthy with money you should, pay back the money that you borrowed from your friend. The most important thing I learnt is that you should try your best at saving your money otherwise in the future when you are older you can buy whatever you want but only if you have the money to buy it.

- Cerenity's summary from session 1. 

Tevita's summary from session 1

During our second session we looked what 'Identity theft' is and how we can avoid it! We also discussed how to minimise risks with things like having insurance, alarms and being sensible with our belongings!

Here are some photos from our second session:

Today we learnt about insurance.
It is a way of fixing a problem when something is broken of your life and they  do that because you can pay a few dollars of money every month and help is on the way.
And that is why I was looking forward to insurance during this day with PWC.
- Edith's summary from session 2

The thing that I liked about PWC is that they remind us like
what we do when something is wrong then they tell you what 
to do and I learned that your birth certificate,passport and your 
driver licence are given by the government.
- Soane's summary from session 2. 

We have had an awesome few sessions and we want to say a huge thank you to Laura and Caroline (and the PwC team) for coming in to teach us! We are going to try and take what we have learnt out into our communities.

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