Monday, August 29, 2016

Speed skills

Today in class for a maths warm up we did multiplication speed skills.

This week in Room 8 we are following the idea that we are always doing our "B.E.S.T." - which stands for Better Every Single Time!

When we tried the maths speed skills, it meant that we were optimistic and ok with getting questions wrong or not understanding - as long as we kept on trying to improve!

Here are some of the attempts from our class!
Miss Morrison had a try too :)

Miss Morrison's attempts!
Demetrius's attempts!
Leilani's attempts!
Here is the website we used, have a go yourself and see if you can improve your scores!


Levi @ Tamaki Primary said...

Great work guys!
Good work.On my first attempt I got 9 question then on my second I got 11 then it got bigger and bigger.

Great job! Keep it up!!


Edith said...

Hi Class, this is a great way to help you get higher and higher because on my first try I got 19 and when I kept trying I got up to 36 it was a huge accomplishment.

Edith ;D :D ;p