Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Room 8 Olympics Quiz

Today class we had a OLYMPICS QUIZ we had to get in our Athletics houses it was FUN.

All teams were happy because we got lots of house points and it was tricky because we had hard questions to answer!  The HARDEST question was how many countries in the southern hemisphere have hosted the games. 


Here are some of the photos from today.

It was a great competition - where each house won points not only for correct answers, but also for showing teamwork, supporting one another and having great attitudes!

The final scores were:
before the answers were calculated were:
Alamein: 34
Tobruk: 30
Tripoli: 21
Benghazi: 30

Leaving Alamein as the winner! The house points will be added to the classroom board tomorrow but congratulations to all students for such an awesome effort!

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