Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life education bus

Today in Room 8 we had our first visit to the Life Education Bus to meet Nicole and Harold.

We were learning about energy and where it comes from. The three main sources of energy are water, oxygen and FOOD!

We learnt all about the digestive system and the different parts of the body that make it up.
Afterwards we all made DLO's about some of the fun facts we learnt and what we did during our lesson.

Have a look at our work and leave a comment to let us know what facts about the digestive system you didn't know about.

Leilani's summary

Akih's Summary

Stephney's Summary


Aletheia said...

Hi Room 8,
I really like the way that your classroom has learnt a lot about your body from the life education trust bus.I like how you guys learn what is good and what is bad.Great Job on the Life Education Trust bus.
Thank you:)

Levi @ Tamaki Primary said...

Hi room 8 its Levi here,
That looked really fun. It is sad that Grace,Mahara and I was not there but we did have fun at camp. It is good that you are all learning about what is good and bad for your body.