Friday, August 26, 2016

Black-Out Poetry

Friday Writing in Room 8!

Today we learnt about black-out poetry we have been given a page from a book to do this you will need a page from a book and a vivid and all you do is pick some words that you want and you cross out the other words then at the finish it would look like a sentence. Here are some pictures to show what it looks like at the end.
- From Soane

A huge thank you to Room 6 for letting us use your creative task!

Akanesi's work

Troy's work    
Faka'ata's work
Cerenity's work
Soane's work
Hamish's work
Amazing poetry Room 8!


Ashley Schellingerhout said...

Hi Room 8, I love how you have tried something new and what you have produced is amazing!
I can see you have really thought about constructing a thought-provoking sentence which really captures your audience!
Kia haka Room 8!
Miss Ashley
P.s. thanks Miss Morrison for sharing Room 6's work with your students - it shows you value our learning too! <3

Edith said...

Hi , thank you miss Ashley for the comment it was lots of fun to do I really hope we could do it again.It was a great experience.

Edith <3