Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tongan Language Week

This week is Tongan Language week and in Room 8 we have been making Tapa Cloths to celebrate it!

Traditionally in Tonga, Tapa cloths are made from tree bark and ink. We didn't have the time to chop trees and roll out bark so we got creative and used normal A4 paper with some tea!

We use tea to dye the paper a light brown colour and scrunched it up to give it some texture. 

Students researched Tongan Tapa cloth designs and got to work creating their patterns. 

Here are some photos from the process! 

Wiriana dyeing his paper!
Wiriana dabbing the tea-bag onto the paper
Our paper drying
Perenara drawing his design
Stephney looking up designs and creating her Tapa cloth
The finished product up on the wall!
We had lots of fun making these and it was great to see the finished product. Let us know what you think of our work.

Toki sio!

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Edith said...

Tapa cloth is new to me, because I don't know all art but this one was very enjoyable I wonder if I will discover, new work of art, I will just have to see myself as I go.