Friday, September 16, 2016

Chinese Language Week

This week is Chinese Language week and to celebrate that we have been learning all about China and their culture.

On Tuesday in class we made Chinese dragons! Here is some of the students work:

Levi's work

Demetrius's Dragon

Edith's work

For reading and writing this week, we also had a focus on China. We did lots of reading about the Chinese culture and what life in China is like for school children. For writing we wrote letters to students in China and compared New Zealand and Chinese lifestyles.

Edith and Taonga's comparison

Mary-Jane's work

Lydia's inference work!

To finish off the week we had a shared lunch with Room 3! Students brought in lots of different Chinese food and we had a feast!

We hope you have enjoyed our work - let us know how you celebrated Chinese Language week!

Ni Hao :)


Edith said...

Hi room 8 it is Edith,
I really loved learning about the Chinese culture it was a great experience , and there food is the best I wonder what the next culture will be??

angelina said...
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