Friday, September 23, 2016

Hasta Luego Term 3!

Today marks the last day for term 3!
We have had an amazing term, with lots of activities, sports and learning!
Have a look below at all of the exciting things we have done this term:

- We started the term with KiwiSport Badminton

- We studied the Olympics and had a Senior Syndicate Olympic day

- We had visitors teaching us all different types of safety. From Life Education Bus, Safety around Dogs,  Mt Wellington Firemen, Constable Taina for Keeping Ourselves Safe and water safety!

- We had three students at KIP camp for 4 weeks - who absolutely loved their time there!

- We had two amazing swim weeks where we saw students show huge progress in their swim skills


- We celebrated Tongan language week, Chinese language week, Cook Island language Week and Matariki.

- We had a Duffy Assembly where Myron Simpson came and spoke to us!

- We won the Kiwican challenge for the third term in a row and got a pizza lunch - Yum!

We have had an amazing term and have done lots of exciting learning. We are really looking forward to term 4! For now though, we are wishing everyone a safe, happy holiday.

Ka Kite!


Hevani said...


I really like what we did in term 3 it was a blast and I am so glad we won again in kiwi can I hope this term we will win again and that we will have more fun things to do this term.

Ashley Schellingerhout (Miss Ashley) said...

Jeepers Room 8, you guys had an amazing term 3! So much learning was happening and it is so obvious you had so much fun with your teacher along the way. Keep it up! Kia Kaha!