Friday, August 1, 2014

Taylor Writes: Why Collaboration is Best for Learning


When it comes to learning in the classroom, collaboration is the best, right? That is why I have chosen  to collaborate , and hopefully, if you are one of the “no -  to - collaboration” people, then this is the piece of writing that will convince you to collaborate.

When collaborating, you gain new knowledge and also, share prior knowledge with others giving you the opportunity to improve your idea. This means that when working with  a group, you will share your knowledge, and also, gain more knowledge from others in the group. Since having this reason here, we all share lots of knowledge, because we learn more from our friends than our teachers (no offence). Sometimes when your teacher teaches something so hard, you just lose focus, but when you teacher says for you to think about what it means in a GROUP, your friends might break it down for you and before you know it, it’s like a walk in the park.

My second reason for why collaboration is best is because you get more work done when you are working cooperatively. This is meaning that when alone, sometimes, you might  distract yourself. When with others, or in a group, you don’t get distracted, and instead, do more work, and with more people with you, the more work done. For homework, me and some of my friends work together for homework. We got more work done than the other times I worked by myself.

My final reason for why collaboration is best for learning, is because you can develop skills that you need when you go to highschool - you might go to a school where you hardly know anyone so it is good to have good social skills and make new friends. What I mean is that if you are on your last year at school, working with others will help you develop more skills you will need for college. I have worked with groups, and so far, I have many skills, and am ready for next year.

When you think about the word collaborating, what do you think it means? Well,  hopefully this explanation has said it all. Maybe you will think of collaborating as something better than what you thought before. So now you can collaborate with others in your everyday life.I  will choose to collaborate

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