Friday, August 1, 2014

Mavis: Why Collaboration is Best for Learning

Collaboration. The thriving source of new knowledge. Why deprive yourself of the golden opportunity to expand your learning? Collaborating is how we get better in learning. I believe collaborating gives you a better foundation for more learning. I will collaborate.   

Collaboration motivates the growing mind of a young adolescent experiencing loneliness. Collaboration provides that adolescent with the feeling of comfort when working with other students in their class. It extinguishes exclusion and loneliness. Why is this best for a student? Imagine feeling lonely and you’re put into a group who asks you to collaborate, you would feel happy right? If it was me, I would definitely be happy!   

Collaborating gives us the opportunity to build on our self-confidence. It gave me a time and place to speak to people to be confident. I started to trust in myself. It meant that I was heard and considered giving my class/team mates/members to add something new to their ideas, giving it a little more level so that it can grow more steadily and evenly.   

Working with others also means collaborating. Collaborating means contributing toward your friends work with constructive criticism. Imagine your friends insulting your work but they had good intentions all along. Look when I give my finished craft to someone I’d actually like to collaborate with them, let them give me constructive criticism. Getting constructive criticism means getting advice you can use to build on and to be better.    
Collaborating with others gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, our opinions, and our choices. Collaborating gives more than gives friendship.  It gives focus to the distraction. I chose to  collaborate.....but will you?   

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